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Formula 1: New aerodynamics for 2011: Aerodynamics should be further reduced

Formula 1: New aerodynamics for 2011
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S The deadline is the end of June. Then the FIA ​​World Council has to approve the new technology rules for 2011. Anything that happens after that needs a unanimous vote. And that's hard to come by with the different interests in Formula 1. Therefore, one conference of the others is currently following.

It's about aerodynamics, KERS and the tires for 2011. The only thing that has been decided is that the double diffuser will disappear. The diffuser roof is to be restricted to 125 millimeters, i.e. the height that was originally planned by the overtaking commission for 2009, but was then torpedoed by the double diffuser.

Aerodynamics are to be further cut

But the chief technicians of the large teams are calling for further disarmament. On Thursday of this week, at a meeting of the chiefs of technology, suggestions were made on how the aerodynamics can be further reduced. Baffles in front of the side pods and flow aids under the chassis should disappear entirely. The play possibilities with the front wing end plates are restricted. The front wing may become a bit narrower again.

The adjustment mechanism on the front wing should disappear. It did not bring what its inventors hoped for. For this, adjustable rear wing flaps are being discussed. This could reduce the drag on the straight, which would mean a higher top speed of 10 km /h. The technicians want to meet again in Montreal to come to a vote. Time is of the essence because many have already started designing next year's cars.

KERS will be back

At KERS, the teams are still divided. Some do not want a hybrid drive at all, others are already planning the next step. You cannot prevent KERS. Energy recovery is permitted again from 2011. It is therefore important to reach an agreement so that an unbridled arms race does not start again. So that this overtaking aid doesn't fizzle out ineffectively, there are some interesting ideas. For example, the fact that the driver has to announce the desire for more power a certain period of time before the request by pressing a button to the Steiergerät. Since the opponent does not know what the other is up to, he cannot react directly.

Pirelli is ahead when it comes to tires

When it comes to choosing tires, Pirelli suddenly seems to have the better cards. Apparently the originally high demands ofMichelin did not earn the French any sympathy points. A possible indication that Pirelli could make the race is a meeting of representatives of the Italian tire company with Bernie Ecclestone earlier this week.


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