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Formula 1: Mystery of smoke from the rear of the Ferrari

Stefan Baldauf
Mystery of Ferrari smoke
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E s is crazy: Formula 1 is propagated there With their fuel-saving high-performance hybrid engines, they have a green image, and then there is smoke from the rear of some cars like a Euro 4 diesel that runs on heating oil. Ferrari, in particular, came into focus during the test drives in Barcelona. An unusually large amount of smoke rose from both the factory racer and the customer cars from Sauber and Haas F1.

Normally, one is used to the exhaust gases from the cars escaping from the exhaust pipe into the open. On closer inspection, however, it was noticed in Barcelona that the Ferrari racers were smoking through a small opening in the rear crash structure. The phenomenon was particularly noticeable during starting exercises and slowly rolling through the pit lane.

Smoke comes out of the crankshaft housing

Stefan Baldauf
Every time Ferrari started up, thick smoke rose.

To solve the riddle, just take a look at the rules. In the course of the discussion about the tricky combustion of oil to increase performance, the gases that are generated in the crankcase during lubrication must be blown outside from this year. So far, the engine manufacturers have returned them to the combustion process. Because of the cool temperatures during the test drives, the smoke caught the eye particularly intensely.

Another measure against the oil trickery is new limits on consumption. From 2018, only 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers will be allowed to disappear in the drive train. The composition of the lubricant is now specified in the same way as gasoline. This is to prevent forbidden additives from getting past the piston rings into the combustion chamber.

But the Ferrari puzzle is not yet completeclarified. One open question is, for example, why there is hardly any additional smoke from cars with engines from Mercedes, Renault and Honda. The discharge of the gases from the crankcase can also be clearly seen in the competition.

Ferrari fogging up pit lane

It is also unclear why the Ferrari engines look like an old steam locomotive every time they start smoke. Whenever Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel got ready for a test run, Ferrari fogged half of the pit lane. Some experts suspected that not only oil is burned here but that water vapor is also generated somewhere in the circuit.

During the test drives, the smoke could still be discharged upwards through pipes in the garages. But if all six cars with Ferrari engines on the starting grid in Melbourne are started at the same time, that could make a funny picture.

In the gallery we show you the photos of the unusual smoke signals in Barcelona.


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