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Formula 1 Motorhomes 2018: First look at the new F1 temples

Formula 1 motorhomes 2018
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D he first races of the year overseas are quite good nice, but real Formula 1 atmosphere in the paddock only occurs when the 10 teams don't live in sterile pavilions that all look the same, but arrive with their elaborately designed motorhomes.

F1- Motorhomes in XXL format

This will be the first time this year at the Spanish Grand Prix. The truckies take the trip to Barcelona comfortably overland. Only the teams from England have to put their rolling container castles briefly on the ferry before they head south through France.


Even if the teams don't arrive with a new motorhome every year, there is still something new to discover every season. This time, Sauber had the biggest renovation over the winter. The partnership with Alfa Romeo has resulted in the paddock house now - like the cars - shining in wine red and white.

A new coat of paint could also be seen at Force India. This year, the magnificent three-story building is painted a little more pink by main sponsor BWT. And even the previously sterile McLaren motorhome can be seen for the first time as a spot of color. The roof is now in papaya orange.

In the gallery we show you the pictures of the F1 Motorhomes 2018 - even if the weather on Wednesday didn't quite play along during the first tour of the paddock.


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