Formula 1: Mixed mood in the German camp

Formula 1: The German F1 drivers in China
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S ebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel celebrated his third pole position this year. It came out of nowhere. Teammate Mark Webber was faster for almost the entire training session. But when it got serious, Vettel took three tenths of a second from him. 'I was still pretty dissatisfied with my car that morning,' said the man in pole position. 'The car was not well balanced. That's why I tended to go in Mark's direction from the set-up.'

Vettel used the first two knockout laps of qualification to get to know his newly tuned Red Bull. ' Especially in the first sector I had to find time. Not only did the new set-up help me. I also had to work on myself. ' Webber admitted contrite: 'I was at the limit. Seb drove a great lap at the end. This is the lap that counts.'

The weather forecast can't scare Vettel. It's raining, but nobody knows exactly when it will come and when it will disappear again. After his victory in the rain battle of 2009, Vettel sees no problems, no matter what weather awaits him on Sunday: 'I have the best starting position for a rain race on pole position.'

Nico Rosberg:

Fourth place is not Nico Rosberg's best qualifying this season, but he was still surprised by the good performance. But he couldn't explain exactly why he was so fast in China. 'I wouldn't say that the track suits us especially,' said Rosberg. 'The rear wing certainly helped, but that wasn't a huge step.' Rosberg once again left his team-mate behind - and clearly. Michael Schumacher was seven tenths missing from Rosberg.

However, Schumacher's statement immediately after qualifying that Rosberg had driven the old wing version caused some confusion. 'We discussed it,' said Rosberg. 'But I stayed with the new version and that was a good thing.' Schumacher then made it clear that he must have misunderstood Rosberg.

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil seems to have a subscription to tenth place on the grid. Sutil started the race from tenth place in Bahrain and Australia. 'I'm very happy,' said Graefelfinger. 'We achieved what we hoped for. The car was good, we only had problems this morning.' The one beforeThe feared problems getting the tires up to temperature were off the table at 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

Instead, the weather gods will play an important role tomorrow. Sutil would have no problem with it if it rained as predicted. 'Last year we had a lot of aquaplaning here, but the car is capable of finishing in the points.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg is puzzling. The 16th of the training session is nine tenths or five positions short of team-mate Rubens Barrichello. That's a lot of wood. 'I left two to three tenths of a second in the last corner, but where is the rest', asked the Rhinelander and openly admitted: 'I'm amazed myself where he conjured up the lap.'

In the data comparison, Hülkenberg states: 'Rubens wins over me on the brakes and in the slow corners. In the first sector his car was better balanced.' The problem cannot be precisely localized. Understeer, oversteer, a little bit of everything, and never predictable. 'Somehow the car feels spongy.' Experience is a trump card under difficult conditions, and the reigning GP2 winner has to understand that: 'Rubens draws on his experience. The fact that he only loses eight tenths to the top with this car is damn good.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock did not make it into Q2 like in Malaysia, but was still satisfied with his 19th place. After all, he earned the title 'Best of the Rest'. 'Actually, I thought Lotus was in front of us,' says the Virgin pilot. 'But we were able to improve the car again today and my lap was perfect.' Only Rubens Barrichello stood in the 28-year-old's way for a short time and threw him out of the rhythm on his first qualifying lap.

Glock sees himself well positioned for the race. The new front wing did not arrive in Shanghai due to the logistics problems after the volcanic eruption in Iceland, but everything was still under control. 'I didn't see a red lamp today,' says Glock, reassuring those who have doubts about the reliability of the VR-01. Rather, Glock sees rain as a decisive factor in the race. 'If you start so far back, you don't see much,' Glock points out.

Michael Schumacher:

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