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Formula 1: Michelin sets conditions for F1 entry

Formula 1: Michelin as a tire supplier
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B at the meeting of the Formula 1 team bosses with Bernie Ecclestone between the two training sessions on Friday in Sepang was only concerned with one topic: the tire supply for the coming season.

Bridgestone return uncertain

Bridgestone is withdrawing at the end of 2010, and recently reaffirmed this decision. Even if insiders still believe that the Japanese could continue if the teams pay for the tires and be satisfied with significantly fewer tire sets per weekend, those in charge of Formula 1 have to look around for replacements. One cannot rely on a vague possibility.

The salvation could come from Michelin. The French manufacturer, who left at the end of 2006, has expressed an interest in returning to Formula 1. However, the French want to determine the conditions. After that, the teams would face significantly higher costs and revenue restrictions.

Michelin: Tires only against payment

Ecclestone has apparently prepared the teams so that Michelin only provides its tires against payment. Experts believe that depending on the amount of tires, costs between two and five million euros per team could arise. The Clermont-Ferrand brand also wants advertising space on the racetracks. Free of charge, of course.

As a solo entertainer, you can dictate the conditions to your customers. The amount that this advertising space would cost would depend on the total income of the rights holders, which in effect means that the teams would get paid less. The dilemma can only be solved through competition. Then the market determines the price. Michelin would be right to compete. The French had never shown much interest in the tender since the tire monopoly was introduced in 2007.


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