Formula 1: Michelin demands competition
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I as part of the Le Mans Series in Le Castellet said a Michelin spokesman on the subject of Formula 1: 'We are interested, but the conditions have to be right. Who knows what is going to happen.'

Technology exchange and environmental protection important for Michelin

With the right conditions, he addresses the subject of competition. Michelin does not want to have a monopoly in the premier class. 'We need competition in order to improve our tire technology. Our new Pilot 3 tire, for example, is equipped with the technology that was developed for Le Mans. We want that from Formula 1. We also want the To improve environmental protection. For example with a Green X Challenge. ' Michelin announces the Green X Challenge in the sports car sector and thus rewards the most energy-efficient sports car team.

But not only this idea could be transferred from the sports car sector to Formula 1. A change to the tire size of the LMP1 class would also open the doors for Yokohama and Dunlop. However, Michelin weighs it down and probably wants to use 18-inch low-profile tires instead. Formula 1 is currently driving with 13-inch tires from Bridgestone.

Michelin wants to see money without competition

Should the Japanese actually make their exit and themselves find no other tire supplier besides Michelin, Michelin will only equip Formula 1 against payment. According to experts, depending on the amount of tires, a team could cost between two and five million euros. In addition, the French are calling for perimeter advertising.


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