Formula 1: McLaren diffuser dispute resolved

Formula 1: Diffuser dispute in Bahrain
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The FIA ​​wants to avoid any controversy. Just not an endless rule dispute like last year, seems the motto of the new President Jean Todt. The discussions about the M cLaren -Rear wing has ended the FIA ​​with a clear statement. The trick of cutting off the flow on the rear wing is legal.

FIA complains about the diffuser

But McLaren also complained about the diffuser. On the MP4-25, the hole for the external starter has been repurposed. In the last expansion stage it was suddenly much larger than necessary, which aroused the suspicion that McLaren had gained extra diffuser area with it. There are also three other cars in the field suspected that the opening is being misused.

Instead of forcing the teams to make an immediate conversion, the FIA ​​wants to close the gray area in the regulations and one up until the next race in Melbourne Establish a clear definition for the maximum size of the starter opening in the rule book. McLaren therefore still has 14 days to upgrade to the old version. And a small aerodynamic advantage in Bahrain.


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