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Formula 1: Massa slower than Alonso for the first time

Formula 1: Massa slower than Alonso
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F Elipe Massa looked a bit at a loss. Seven tenths of a margin from Fernando Alonso is a lot of wood. Worse still, the Spaniard was significantly faster throughout the qualification.

Alonso fought for pole position with the Red Bull. Massa only fought his way to fifth at the last second. 'Which is not such a bad starting position', Massa tried to gloss over the situation. The Brazilian is now hoping for the race. That it will be warmer on Sunday and that the tires will heat up better with more fuel on board.

Massa with temperature problems

On Friday morning the world was still okay. 'My problems started with the second training session, when the temperatures dropped into the basement. Suddenly I couldn't feel any grip.' It got worse in qualifying. The asphalt temperatures had dropped to 23 degrees.

Massa put the difference to Alonso on his driving style and the set-up. Apparently the runner-up world champion from 2008 drives with less downforce than the Spaniard. 'And my driving style is smoother. That puts less stress on the tires, which then did not have the necessary operating temperature in the cold. I've really tried everything. Braking hard, waving back and forth, but I just couldn't get into this window where the Working tires. '


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