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Formula 1: Massa does not see Ferrari as a top favorite

Formula 1: Felipe Massa draws test results
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Even after 15 days of testing, the teams are still in the woods. The exact analysis of the times is difficult. Nobody wants to be pushed to the role of favorite. Although F errari made a good impression in Barcelona, ​​especially with a lot of fuel, Felipe Massa tries to keep the ball flat.

Ferrari has to fight for victory

'I disagree with all of those who claim that we are the strongest,' said Massa, putting the brakes on euphoria. 'I think we are at the front, together with other teams. I cannot say that we will win in Bahrain, but I know that we will fight for it.'

Massa is our own Statement satisfied with the last few kilometers in Barcelona. Ferrari has some new parts such as brought a new hood to Catalonia, which was successfully tested. 'We wanted a competitive car and I think we achieved our goal. The reliability is also good, which is very important.'

F10 not the best Ferrari yet

The Brazilian sees a stranger in the tire. At temperatures well below the 20 ° C mark, the rubbers could not be tested under extreme conditions. So there could be surprises in Bahrain and Malaysia. 'The behavior of the tires also influences the strategy. If the wear and tear is greater, we may have to change more often. We will only see that better from race to race.'

The start of the season is not the most important thing for Massa: 'It's important to be in front at the end of the season, not now. I was lucky enough to have driven many good Ferrari racing cars. Whether the F10 The best of it is, I can only say after the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. '


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