Formula 1: Mark Webber defends new teams

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Lotus on the first day of testing in Barcelona were 6.6 seconds short of Mark Webber's best time. At V irgin it was 5.6 seconds. In addition, a departure that ended Lucas di Grassi's test day prematurely. Lotus drives little. That's a compliment for a car that was built in just four months.

Ferrari made his way on his website via the new teams funny and asked the provocative question whether this is the Formula 1 that the former FIA President Max Mosley wanted. Lotus technical director Mike Gascoyne gives the all-clear: 'In Bahrain we will be 3.5 seconds behind the best time.'

Space company in Formula 1

Die The apprenticeship time of the new teams will be rocky. Mark Webber knows that too. He backs Lotus and Virgin Racing: 'You are forced to run before you have learned to walk. How is that supposed to work with so few test drives?' Modern Formula 1 no longer has anything to do with racing in the days of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. A new team was able to win a race straight away.

Like Wolf in Argentina in 1977. Today aerospace companies work in Formula 1. 'When you see how many people, how much money, and how many resources it takes to get a Formula 1 car up and running, you understand that it is scary for a new team It has to be difficult to establish yourself. In addition, you are hardly allowed to test anymore. How are the new teams supposed to catch up? Red Bull took five years to reach the top in Formula 1. But we were able to fall back on an existing infrastructure. '


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