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Formula 1 Malaysia: Great result for German drivers

Formula 1: Vettel, Rosberg & Co. in Malaysia
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N ico Rosberg :

Nico Rosberg won the German championship. The Mercedes GP driver is at the front of the grid like never before in his career. And team-mate Michael Schumacher was beaten in Malaysia for the third time in a row. The runner-up beamed: 'It is a special feeling to start from the front row with a Silver Arrow,' Rosberg said to his employer, Rosen.

The blond man timed his attack at exactly the right moment in the top ten final. In the first lap it was too wet, in the third again too dry for the extreme weather tires, but the second fit exactly. When Rosberg warmed up the tires, he was already thinking about switching to intermediates, but shortly before the pit entrance he made a different decision.

'In our case, we had to do what most of the others did. I knew we had the fastest car of them. Hats off to Mark Webber. He really made a brave decision . ' The German also sees himself well prepared for the race. 'We are well prepared for both conditions. When it gets wet, we have a good car. When it gets dry, with the exception of Vettel, only slower cars are behind us.'

Sebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel starts third, but the German didn't seem that happy. After struggling with problems (braking, steering, understeer) in all three free practice sessions, the qualification didn't go according to plan either.

The man who started from pole position twice was tricked by his teammate Mark Webber. The Australian was the only one to opt for intermediates in the top ten final and thus drew the wild card. 'Mark is the poker face today,' applauded Vettel. 'This decision would have been too risky for me.'

At least Vettel was able to improve his Red Bull step by step, so that in the end he was reasonably satisfied with the setup. 'The lap time was there. I am only just behind Rosberg and was the second fastest on rain tires.'

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil was understandably high spirits after qualifying. On Sunday, the Force India driver will start from the second row. He wants to keep attacking in the race. He doesn't have to defend much either: 'There are a lot of cars in themfirst ten, which are usually behind us in the dry. I'm not really worried. 'In Sepang's rain lottery, Force India always kept an overview. Ferrari and McLaren waited too long on the first lap and ended up in the rain.' I can't really understand why you're waiting there. You just have to play it safe. But I was also more busy with myself. '

In the last segment, however, Sutil also made the wrong decision. Out of ten drivers, only Mark Webber dared to try the faster intermediates.' I thought about it, but it is very difficult to know from the pits what the track looks like. When I got into the first corner, I was surprised that it was almost dry there. That's when I noticed that it can get tight. The track dries up incredibly quickly. In the end, Mark Webber was on the right tires. '

Sutil was satisfied with his driving performance.' My lap was good. I just feel good in the rain. 'Now he just has to finally convert the good place into a result. In the last few races something often went wrong for the Graefelfinger. Still he doesn't lose courage and grins:' I even want it hear nothing. '

Nico Hülkenberg:

After a crucial Friday everything went perfectly for Nico Hulkenberg. A few small setup changes and fresh engines from Cosworth turned one lame duck a decent racing car. In the end it was enough to finish fifth in a hectic final training session. The best result in the Williams driver's still young Formula 1 career, and for the first time ahead of team-mate and rain ace Rubens Barrichello.

'We have taken a good step since Friday,' said Hülkenberg. In the third free practice session on a dry track, things went much better than the day before. 'In the rain, our car was a bit better. The Williams is traditionally good on wet slopes. Perhaps because the car develops good mechanical grip. 'For a young driver like Hülkenberg, it was not always easy to keep track of the chaos of the weather.' I just feed my engineers with as much tire information as possible. They see on the pit wall how the weather is developing and then they make the choice of tires. '

In the final section of qualification, Hülkenberg didn't want to take any risks:' I decided on the extreme weather tires early on. We had the information that all the others with one exception did the same. 'And what does the GP2 champion wish for the race?' I would be very happy with fifth place. '

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock had more work than expected in qualifying. For the first time, the Virgin driver survived the first knockout lap: 'The whole weekend of us was much better than Bahrain and Melbourne, 'said the German happily.' We were able to do something with the set-uptry it out and move forward step by step. 'Unlike many big names, the small Virgin team was not surprised by the rain.' It was clear from the start that it would rain at 4 pm. We did everything right. I managed a good lap directly on Intermediates and was significantly faster than both Lotus. '

Then things didn't go according to plan:' In Q2 we made a small tactical mistake. Our intermediates dwindled too quickly and in the end I couldn't add any more. Kovalainen then brought up new intermediates. 'The defeat against the archenemy was the only blemish.' Of course I would have liked to stand in front of the Lotus. I think we were faster than them all weekend. '

With McLaren and Ferrari, prominent names in fast cars are now behind Glock. But anyone who knows Glock knows that he will fight:' I will not wave anyone by voluntarily . The problem, however, is that they have a clear excess of top speed, especially the McLaren, and that the straights here are long enough to overtake. I also have to be careful that I don't lose too much time on Kovalainen when fighting. 'Glock takes calmly that he is well behind his fellow countrymen in 16th place:' I'll get there too. '


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