Formula 1: Jean Todt wants KERS return in 2011

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'I am not happy that the teams have unanimously voted against using KERS for the 2010 season. And I will sit down personally to reconsider this decision for 2011, 'said Todt in the current issue of auto motor und sport (issue 13, in stores from June 3rd).

'We cannot let the whole automotive world discuss environmentally friendly technologies, and in Formula 1 we are deaf.' He has 'nothing in hand that would force the teams to use KERS again from 2011,' said Todt. 'But I am optimistic that I can still persuade the teams.'

Todt does not want to wait another two and a half years

Todt does not believe that KERS will be introduced parallel to the introduction of new engines in 2013 makes sense. 'We can't afford to do nothing for two and a half years. The pressure on us is increasing every day. As a private person, I don't have to have KERS. I want to see good races, that's enough for me. But as the FIA ​​manager, I have to put pressure in this direction. This is the only way to be credible. We cannot demand new technologies on the road and ignore them on the racetrack. I would be rightly criticized for having overslept. '

Overall, Todt demands from Formula 1 to modernize. 'Formula 1 is structured in such a way that every decision first has to be made by the working groups, then by the Formula 1 commission and finally by the FIA ​​World Council. Even if it has become easier today with a 70 percent majority to move things forward, Unfortunately, I have to say that there is no will to change in Formula 1. But we have to change because the world keeps turning. '

Todt is pursuing ambitious goals

Todt names four goals that Formula 1 should achieve. 'Reduce costs, improve the show, introduce new technologies and, if possible, use the image of the sport to make the streets safer. If we can do that, the manufacturers, suppliers and sponsors will also come back. If we don't do, motorsport gets a real problem. '

Todt has denied speculation that he will only be available for one term at the top of the FIA. auto motor und sport said Todt: 'That's not true. I'm not thinking about a second term,' said Todt. 'My priority is to make the best use of my time to achieve my goals with the FIA.'


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