Formula 1 interview with Rubens Barrichello

Daniel Reinhard, Wolfgang Wilhelm
Formula 1: Interview with Rubens Barrichello
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You have got to know many different cars and regulations in your long career. How do you like the youngest Formula 1 generation?
B arrichello: 'After the first day of testing nothing can be done To say conclusive about the new cars. Generally no driver is fun to drive around with 160 kilograms of gasoline in the car. That makes you four seconds slower, and racing drivers want to get faster and faster. I think it is better that the qualification takes place again with the minimum amount of fuel. This is pure racing. '

You know races without refueling from 1993. An advantage?
Barrichello: ' You can't compare that. Back then they were different cars, different tires, different aerodynamics. Everything is new here for me too. '

You talk like someone who is just starting out in Formula 1.
Barrichello: 'My two sons changed schools, and they had their first day there exactly today. That's how I feel now. It's like a restart of my K lock when I'm in a new car. And I'm finally driving for Williams . That's what I've always dreamed of. '

Were there alternatives for you?
Barrichello: ' McLaren wanted to speak to me twice, but it didn't sound like anything serious. I decided on Williams early on. '

How was the first day of testing?
Barrichello: ' Of course I would have liked to set Massa's lap times who was two seconds faster than us. But nobody knows who drove how much fuel. Ten kilograms are three tenths. We haven't run the full power of the Cosworth engine either. We had problems with the balance with the amount of fuel we tried. The car was severely understeered. We're working on that now. We will probably only know where we stand in Bahrain on Saturday. '

What do you think of Michael Schumacher's comeback?
Barrichello: 'It's good to see him again. He's not the only older driver who's returning. Pedro de la Rosa is also back. Maybe I'm a little to blame for the old onesGentlemen get back on. You saw in my last season that age doesn't have to be a barrier. On the contrary: I think the trend towards only young drivers has stopped. The time of the old men has come. Experience counts again, especially with the few test drives that we have left. '


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