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Formula 1 in live stream: F1 TV starts at the Spanish GP

Formula 1 live stream
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D as the live streaming offer of Formula 1 became already announced during the test drives in Barcelona. Now those responsible for the premier class have finally revealed when the broadcasts will begin. After the development phase took longer than planned, the races in China and Azerbaijan should finally move into the beta test phase with real users.

From the Spanish Grand Prix onwards, all fans should enjoy it of the ad-free racing broadcasts are coming. According to information from those responsible, all free practice sessions, qualifying sessions and races should be shown live and in full. There are also press conferences and interviews after the races.

The paying online customers also get access to exclusive features. For example, the onboard cameras of all 20 drivers can be selected individually. Framework races such as Formula 2, GP3 or the Porsche Supercup are also part of the live racing package - but only at a later point in the season. There is also historical content from the archive, including apparently material that has not yet been published.

German Formula 1 Live Stream

At the start in Barcelona, ​​only the desktop Version of the streaming service available. The service via apps for mobile devices will then be added over the course of the season. It is planned that the service will also be available via Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV from summer.

At the start, the Formula 1 live streaming offer will be bookable in more than 40 different countries. In addition to Germany, this also includes France, the USA, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and large parts of South America. Incidentally, English fans do not have access because the contracts with Sky F1 UK forbid it.

The broadcasts are offered in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and German. The German commentary is taken from RTL. When Heiko Wasser, Christian Danner and Kai Ebel say goodbye to advertising on their home station, the comment in the stream is interrupted. However, fans can also switch to the English commentary if they wish.

F1 stream with RTL commentary

The question is how many fans can get the approx. 10 euros per month for the Provide a premium streaming service if there are free TV commentators from RTL. Many viewers have been to the pay TV channel Sky in recent yearsdodged, where the broadcasts were not only ad-free but also more tailored to the hardcore fans in terms of content than the broad mass broadcaster RTL. Since Sky left the negotiations for the rights during the winter break, this alternative is now no longer available.

In addition to the premium streaming offer called 'F1 TV Pro', the Formula 1 executives are from Liberty Media also offer a stripped-down service called “F1 TV Access” for a little less money. Here the fans get access to the live timing, a radio commentary and highlight clips of all sessions.

In the gallery we have the first screenshots from the new streaming program.


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