Formula 1: Hulkenberg fights against Schumi

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Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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H do you have a motto on the route?
Hülkenberg: Just step on the gas. But you always have to drive with the necessary reason. Unreasonable people are not around for long in Formula 1.

So far they have usually won everything. How do you dampen your expectations?
Hülkenberg: You have to keep reminding yourself that you are in Formula 1 with the 25 best drivers in the world and also best teams in the world. And that it's just not that easy. You also have to see how good the package is and what you can achieve with it. This situation will definitely come and I'll get angry.

Have you set up a timetable for your career?
Hülkenberg: No, not at all . Establish in Formula 1 for long, long years. Definitely become world champions.

You had to hold out until Wednesday to finally be able to test. How did you experience the waiting time in winter?
Hülkenberg: What you love and what you do best, you simply cannot do. It's a stupid feeling. But I just couldn't change that, I knew what to expect. I had to serve the time.

Do you have a balance to Formula 1?
Hülkenberg: I'm a big tennis fan. I watched the Australian Open every morning.

And who do you like in particular, Roger Federer?
Hülkenberg: Yes, yes. Simply by charisma and personality. It's still grounded. And maintaining this level for years is phenomenal.

What if another world star shows up in your Williams' rearview mirror?
Hülkenberg: Nothing, then I did something right.

Sebastian Vettel has already made it clear that he will not brake for Michael Schumacher ...
Hülkenberg: I don't think anyone is slowing down Michael.

So is the opposite happening?
Hülkenberg: Definitely. When you have the racing driver of the century behind you, you don't want to let him by.


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