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Formula 1: GP Bahrain - The German pilots
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A drian Sutil:

Once again there was a collision between Adrian Sutil and a points place. The German who started in tenth place already hit Robert Kubica's Renault in the second corner. Both pilots turned and fell back to the end of the field. 'That was quite a mess. Suddenly there was smoke behind Mark Webber. Then it was briefly dark,' says Sutil, describing the start-up tumult. 'Many, like me, pulled in. Then Robert suddenly pulled in from the outside. I don't know if he hadn't seen me.'

After that, it was all about damage control. 'That went really well. Twelfth place is not that bad. Especially when you look at the team result with Vitantonio Liuzzi in ninth place.' Except for the incident with Kubica, Sutil had no cause for complaint. 'The weekend actually went perfectly. Sixth place might have been possible. After all, I was able to turn the second-fastest lap. And that on the super-soft tires, which I had a total of 30 laps.' :

Nico Hülkenberg didn't have anything countable either. The Williams driver finished his first Formula 1 race in 14th place. It started with problems in the first corner, continued with a brilliant spin and ended with a race to catch up, which put an end to the sagging tires. 'In the first corner there was suddenly a lot of smoke. I didn't even know who was in there and I took refuge in the gravel around the outside. As a result, some places were lost.'

The high-speed spin in Turn 6 is still a mystery to Hülkenberg: 'The car went away, I almost caught it, then it went back again. At first I was sure that something was broken Must be, but the guys didn't find anything when they checked in the pits. I then did a long turn with the hard tires and even longer 24 laps with the soft tires. They were pretty shaved in the end The miracle is when the car's balance is not optimal. ' Hülkenberg's conclusion after his first Grand Prix: 'Lonely and boring.'

Nico Rosberg:

The first weekend with his new team was a great one for Nico Rosberg Success. In fifth place, the Wiesbadener was after all the best Silver Arrow. Not everyone can claim to defeat a Michael Schumacher in the same car. It would havecan go even further: 'I started very well and improved to fourth place on the first lap. But during the first part of the race on the softer tires I wasn't satisfied with the speed. Lewis overtook me at the pit stop and we have to analyze how that could be done. '

After losing the place to Hamilton, there was still another chance of fourth place in the end. Sebastian Vettel suddenly came within range with a broken exhaust: 'Unfortunately, I didn't manage to overtake Sebastian Vettel in the end; whenever I got closer to the air turbulence behind his car, I lost grip. Still, fifth place is a good start for us and I'm confident that we can build on that. '

Timo Glock:

On Friday, Timo Glock had already predicted that he would probably win the race won't quit. Unfortunately, his forecast came true on Sunday. 'In the beginning it was okay,' says Glock, describing the first laps of the race for Virgin. 'There were slight problems with the engine, but then at some point I was able to attack Heikki Kovalainen and eventually overtake him. Unfortunately, it only lasted one lap.' In the 16th round the German had to give up. 'When downshifting, the third gear was suddenly gone. Then also when shifting up. In the end, even more gears left.'

The reason for failure came unexpectedly for the Odenwälder too. 'We didn't have any transmission problems all winter.' The race was supposed to be another test. 'We need the kilometers. We have to sort out the technical problems as quickly as possible.' Despite the false start, Glock still doesn't regret his decision to join Virgin. 'Firstly, it is not a wrong decision and secondly, it is now too late to think about it.'

Sebastian Vettel:

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Michael Schumacher:

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