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Formula 1 helmets 2012: which helmet belongs to which driver?

Formula 1 helmets 2012
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B if you look at a Formula 1 car from a distance, so there are only three ways to see which pilot is inside. You should immediately forget about searching for the start number. It is usually well hidden between sponsor logos. Only at Ferrari the number can be recognized to some extent. The F2012 now has the number exactly on the step on its nose.

The second external feature that distinguishes two cars from the same team is the color of the camera on the airbox. The driver with the lower start number usually gets a neon yellow holder for the onboard recordings, the driver with the higher number wears a red camera on the roof.

Helmet as a trademark

The helmet is still the best way to distinguish the pilots. The head protection is the only part of the uniform that every driver can design according to their own wishes. However, there is one restriction: The visibility of the sponsor logos must not be impaired by the design.

Most pilots hardly change their helmet design over their careers. What would Ayrton Senna be without the bright yellow helmet or Michael Schumacher without his red head protection, which he has had on his head since he was a Ferrari. Other pilots don't make it so easy for fans. At Sebastian Vettel, every helmet retires after a win. You have to look carefully.

Vettel already with two test helmets in 2012

Helmet designer Jens Munser, who paints the carbon shells of five Formula 1 drivers in his studio in Salzgitter , has had a lot of work with his successful client over the past few years. During the test drives in Jerez, Vettel tried two different models again.

One way of quickly distinguishing the world champion from team mate Mark Webber is the exclusion principle. Webber wears his eye-catching yellow, blue and red helmet at every race. Vettel has not yet had anything to do with yellow.

How well do you know the helmets of the 24 Formula 1 drivers? In our picture gallery we have the head protection collection from 2012.


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