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Formula 1 half-year report: Red Bull duo up grades

Formula 1 semi-annual report
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F ask Toto Wolff, Christian Horner, Maurizio Arrivabene or Ron Dennis, which Formula 1 team has the best driver duo - the answer will always be the same. Of course, your own drivers are always superior to the competition. But only one of the team bosses can be right in the end.

Top marks only for 5 drivers

In order to judge the drivers, auto motor und sport awards everyone Race weekend notes. It not only assesses the performance in the race, but also the impression from the practice sessions and qualifying. Only those who get the maximum out of their car without making any mistakes and, if possible, put their team-mates in the shade, qualify for the top grade of 10.

In the first 12 races we were able to award a 10 12 times. They were divided into 5 drivers. In 4 races, 2 pilots earned the maximum number of points. But four times we completely refrained from getting the highest rating.

Red Bull provides the top drivers

During the summer break, we take stock. The table of average grades differs significantly from the ranking in the drivers' championship. The two Silver Arrows drivers are not in the lead, but the Red Bull duo. The surprises of the season are Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz. After all, they made it into the top ten best drivers.

However, not all drivers were able to shine regularly. In the picture gallery we also show you which drivers have not yet convinced us.


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