Formula 1 Grid Girls GP Korea

Formula 1 Grid Girls GP Korea 2010
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D he grid girls really didn't have one at the GP Korea Easy job: rain from above, wind from the front, plus there was mud, sand and dirt everywhere on the Formula 1 construction site. And nowhere was there an umbrella to protect against the weather.

Korea girls let the sun rise

The number girls bravely clung to their signs and let them go the sun rise with an Asian smile. As usual, scantily clad, the hot girls looked good at the bad weather. The beauties kept posing for the photographers until the last shot was in the can.

As always, we sent our photographers to the grid to capture the hustle and bustle on the Formula 1 catwalk in pictures. We have put the hottest girls in Korea together in a large photo show. Have fun clicking through.


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