Formula 1 Grid Girls GP Korea 2011

GP Korea 2011 - Grid Girls
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A he port city of Mokpo is located in the port city of Mokpo even without Formula 1 a certain eroticism in the air. The numerous hour hotels in the center invite the workers of the local mega-shipyards with colorful neon lights to linger for a while. The female companion is waiting for company in the bars.

Korean girls in skimpy outfits

Even on the Formula 1 track, a lot of bare skin attracted attention advertised. However, the grid girls on the grid were more likely to target the photographers. With a smile on their faces, the girls posed persistently for the guests from the Far West.

Thanks to the tight outfits of the Asian ladies, they didn't take long. Where the girls are mostly stingy with the charms at the other Grands Prix these days, the Korea Girls are still willing to be models. As always, you can see the result in our large picture gallery.


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