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Formula 1 GP Spain: Lotus upgrade should bring a second

Lotus F1
Formula 1 GP Spain: Lotus F1 wants to move forward
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F for Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen will start the season all over again at the Spanish GP on May 9th. Then the Lotus T127 should take a big leap. The engineers have announced a major expansion phase.

Kovalainen and Gascoyne expect a big leap

'We hope to save more than a second, 'says Kovalainen. It is clear to the Finn that the other teams in Barcelona are also coming up with new developments. 'But we may have more room for improvement than our competition.' The T127 is a car that Mike Gascoyne's crew built out of gut instinct. To be on the safe side, the cooling is much too big, the wishbones of the rear axle are still made of steel and not carbon. You can see it on the clumsy rear fairing. Or the double diffuser. Against the McLaren version, he's a miniature version.

This is what cars looked like five years ago. Two months of wind tunnel time is nothing by today's standards, but because Lotus wanted to treat itself to a few days of testing before the start of the season, development work on the prototype was stopped at the beginning of December. 'The Barcelona package,' promises Mike Gascoyne, 'was in the wind tunnel for six months. The rear is slimmer, the indentation of the side pods more extreme, the wheelbase possibly longer, and we will integrate inertia dampers into the chassis. Our car will last at least a second be faster. '

Virgin a tad faster recently

Kovalainen was also happy about small progress recently:' I have the car with every race better understood, especially in the area of ​​voting. ' During training, the Lotus pilots were always head-to-head with Virgin pilot Timo Glock. Nick Wirth's car was a bit faster on one lap. But also much more difficult to drive. You could see it with the naked eye. Glock struggled much more with the perils of physics than Trulli and Kovalainen.

The plus point of the Lotus was its stability. The team with the famous name didn't go off without failures either. The hydraulics went crazy three times, most recently in the Trulli car in Shanghai. The hydraulic system kept all X-Trac customers in suspense. Virgin and HRT F1 were sometimes even worse. The technology supplied by X-trac is at the level of ten years ago, we hear from those affected. in theDecember saw the X-Trac clientele that they had to improve. Lotus was more successful in this than Virgin.

Lotus engineers with no acclimatization period

It pays off that Lotus has stocked its workforce with people who lost their jobs elsewhere to save money to have. 'Our engineers and mechanics worked in the scene until the very end. There was no time to get used to,' confirms Kovalainen. The Finn knows that he has a tough year ahead of him: 'In the beginning it's all about survival.'


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