Formula 1 GP Abu Dhabi 2015 - race result

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1st place - Nico Rosberg: S e since Austin have grown stronger and stronger. I wouldn't mind if the new season started tomorrow. I would like to thank the team that gave me such a great car. I'm already looking forward to the next year. We are aware that the red cars pose a great danger. Of course I want to continue my good form.

2nd place - Lewis Hamilton: That was a great year. I am happy. But I'm also happy that it's over now. We have shown again that Mercedes is the best team in the world. Today we tried everything with the strategy. But unfortunately it didn't work out.

3rd place - Kimi Räikkönen: The season was not ideal. The speed was always there, but problems and mistakes prevented better results. It was a little better this weekend. I felt comfortable in the car. But it wasn't enough to challenge Mercedes.

15:51 Mercedes has the record for the most double victories in one season (12). The old point record from the previous year was also exceeded by 2 points. The Silver Arrow pilots collectively collected 703 points. In addition to champagne, there is also fireworks on the podium.

15:47 Rosberg celebrates his third victory in a row with donuts in the run-off zone. Hamilton heads for the parc fermé directly. There is still bad news for Max Verstappen from the office of the FIA ​​stewards. Because the rookie ignored blue flags, it imposes a subsequent drive-through penalty. That throws him back to 16th place.

Goal: Nico Rosberg drives over the line with an 8.2 seconds lead. Hamilton had given up on the last few laps and slowed down. The two Ferraris roll over the line in 3rd and 4th place. Vettel is successfully operating damage limitation. Force India collects fat points with 5th place for Perez and 7th place for Hülkenberg. Grosjean got 2 points for 9th place in the last race with Lotus. In the penultimate lap, the Frenchman grabbed Kvyat.

Lap 50: There is one for Verstappen 5 second penalty. The stewards say the Dutchman took an unfair advantage off the track. At the top, Hamilton doesn't come much closer. Rosberg controls the action. The other places also seem fixed.

Lap 47: Verstappen and Button fight hard. The Toro Rosso has to go off the track after a small touch. The stewards want to watch the scene again. Massa overtakes Kvyat and takes 8th place. At the top, Rosberg's lead has shrunk to 7.7 seconds. It looks like Rosberg has everything under control. Vettel made short work of Perez on lap 46.

Lap 45: After the second Hamilton stop, Rosberg's lead was initially 12.5 seconds. But the Briton turns one fastest race lap after the other and now pushes the gap to less than 10 seconds. Vettel came within 1.8 seconds of Perez. The Force India is extremely fast on the straights and difficult to overtake. The last 10 laps of the season will be exciting.

Lap 41: Hamilton asks over the radio whether he can go through to the end. But his race engineer can convince him that a second stop is better. He comes in and picks up soft tires. Wouldn't Supersoft have been a little better? Meanwhile, Vettel pushes past Ricciardo and chases Perez.

Lap 39: Finally Vettel's second pit stop. As required by the regulations, the German lets Supersoft wind up. The rubbers marked in red must hold out 16 laps. He comes out in 7th place right behind Ricciardo. That will be interesting in the next rounds.

Round 37: Vettel has to let Raikkonen pass. The Finn can probably go through to the end. Vettel definitely has to go back in. He has not yet driven the Supersoft. It will be exciting to see where the Heppenheimer ends up in the end. In the Mercedes duel, too, we expect a spectacular fight in the final laps. Hamilton still wasn't in. At the moment it's calm before the storm.

Lap 34: Hamilton stays outside. The Briton extends the middle stint. So he gets the alternative strategy he asked for in Brazil. In the last stint, the world champion has fresher tires. In the end there could be a big silver duel. Raikkonen cannot intervene in the fight. A problem with the pit stop cost the iceman valuable seconds.

Lap 31: Rosberg comes in and gets fresh soft rubbers. The lead had previously shrunk to 1.3 seconds. How does the duel at the top end? Hamilton stays outside and tries to catch the teammate. It can't really work with the much older tires.

Lap 27: Things are getting serious in the Mercedes duel. Hamilton drives 3 fastest race laps in a row. Rosberg appears to be struggling with graining and continues to lose. The gap is only 1.7 seconds. There could be a duel soon. Meanwhile, the first competitors are already making the second pit stop. Ricciardo triedSnap with the undercut Perez. But that doesn't quite work.

Lap 24: Vettel and Grosjean finally make their first pit stop. There are soft tires for both of them again. Both have to come in again. Vettel falls back to 6th place. At the front, Rosberg loses some of its lead. The 5 second gap on Hamilton has turned into only 3.4 seconds.

Lap 21: The action has calmed down a bit. Vettel was still not at the pits. Verstappen braked heavily at the end of the straight and has to get a new set of tires. That throws the Dutchman far back. Vettel and Grosjean were still not there.

Lap 17: Of the top 10 drivers, only Vettel and Grosjean have not yet made their first pit stop. Vettel is in fourth place and obviously can't keep the times at the top with his old tires. How long does he hesitate to visit the mechanics for the first time?

Lap 13: Bottas gets a five-second penalty for the 'Unsafe Release'. Meanwhile, the leaders were also in the pits. Nothing has changed in the order. Rosberg continues to control the action. Kimi Räikkönen in 3rd place is currently driving the fastest lap.

Lap 10: Bottas wants to leave the pits and crashes into the approaching McLaren from Jenson Button. The front wing of the Williams splintered into pieces. In the case of Button, the end plate will be damaged. The Williams pits again one lap later to stop repairs. Button is left outside.

Round 8: The referees condemn Alonso to a drive-through penalty. The first lap pit stop is in full swing. The first 3 Rosberg, Hamilton and Raikkonen weren't there yet. Vettel meanwhile continues to make up places - he overtakes Verstappen in the Toro Rosso.

Lap 6: The repetition shows that Alonso Maldonado cleared at the start. It is not clear whether the Spaniard himself was pushed. The stewards have announced an investigation into the crash. Felipe Nasr and Daniil Kvyat begin with the first regular pit stops.

Lap 3: Massa overtakes Sainz. Ricciardo puts pressure on Hülkenberg. At the top, Rosberg still has everything under control. But Hamilton will certainly not give up.

Start: Rosberg wins the start against Hamilton. Maldonado crashes out in the first corners after he had a clash with Alonso. In the midfield, every position is fought hard in the first round. Vettel moved up to 12th place in the first 9 corners.

13:58 Only 5 drivers start on the harder soft tires: Vettel, Grosjean, Ericsson, Stevens and Merhi.

13:55 Roberto Merhi starts out of the pits. The Spaniard starts the race with a new setup. Ifthat brings something else?

13:53 Niki Lauda fears: 'Our two boys will go to pieces today. Lewis won't accept another defeat. He's right now hot.' This promises an exciting first lap.

13:51 More relaxed faces at Renault. The negotiations with Bernie Ecclestone are looking good. Alain Prost nevertheless remains cautious: 'I only believe in it when everything is official.'

13:48 Back from the grid. Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery tells us the latest tire news: 'On paper, the tire sequence supersoft-supersoft-soft is the fastest. But the first set of tires must last at least 18 laps. That will be difficult. Go soft-soft into the race. '

13:23 We say goodbye to the starting grid for a moment to collect the latest information. We'll get in touch with the votes of those involved right before the start.

13:16 The FIA ​​has just distributed a 7-page document. The individual decisions on the request from Mercedes and Force India regarding development cooperation with other teams are noted in it. In short: The FIA ​​declares that it will not be allowed to work with other teams in the future. It was decided that no penalties would be issued retrospectively. There is also no evidence of rule violations. The request was triggered by the assumption that Ferrari had worked with Haas F1 and thus gained an advantage for 2016. But Ferrari apparently didn't do anything wrong.

13:10 In the morning, Bernie Ecclestone met with Jérôme Stoll, Renault Marketing Director. The F1 boss made a new offer. The chances are obviously good that the French will stay in Formula 1. All information is available in our Renault-Story .

13:04 The big opening show is already running. A marching band marches across the home straight. Outside it is still a cozy 27 degrees. The asphalt glows at 31 degrees. That will change after sunset.

12:50 There is a lively atmosphere in the driver parade. Verstappen and Grosjean have a little verbal duel in an interview with Johnny Herbert. Both are tied for 11th and 12th place respectively in the World Cup. Grosjean is feeling a little sad. He is driving his last race for Lotus.

12:35 Sebastian Vettel says he wants to start a big comeback today. Right from the start he wants to take the first opponents by surprise. The long run pace is right. He did not want to make an announcement as to where he would end up in the end. 'It will definitely be funToday. '

12:15 Before the drivers parade, the usual procedures for the season finale are due. First, all drivers have to line up for the big class photo of the 2015 class. Then Lewis gets Hamilton from Christian Danner presented the DHL trophy for most of the fastest race laps of the year.

11:45 We heard from the FIA ​​that after the race, Sebastian Vettel's (Ferrari ) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), which will be examined on December 7/8 (Ferrari) and December 14/15 (Mercedes).

11:20 Bad news from Lotus. Romain Grosjean has to drop 5 grid positions. The Frenchman's gearbox was damaged in qualifying and needs to be replaced.


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