Formula 1: Glock satisfied with Virgin debut

Virgin Racing
Formula 1: Timo Glock at Virgin Racing
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The long winter break is finally over for Timo Glock too. While the competition had been doing their rounds in Valencia since Monday, the young team from Virgin Racing only on Thursday for the maiden voyage on the track. The one presented the day before celebrated in Silverstone V irgin VR01 his debut.

Glock satisfied with the VR01

'The roll-out went well. That is very important,' reported Timo Glock after the first few kilometers. 'Today I'm just happy to have driven the VR01 on the track for the first time. Otherwise it's just too early to make a specific statement. But I'm sure that we will find out pretty quickly during the tests in Jerez will be where we are. '

Next week, the F1 newcomer will meet the competitors for the first time in Spain. Even if Virgin Racing was not ready in time for the first test, at least they were the only newcomer to be able to present a finished car. And so the season goal of the team from Dinnington in England is simply to be the best of the new teams.

Glock remains realistic

Glock tries to keep expectations low to keep: 'For me it is important that we develop step by step. Then I have no problem not being in the front right away. Of course, we would not have any objection to the first top ten positions at the end of the season,' said the Odenwälder about his goals for the season.

'In terms of performance, we have to remain realistic. We have to keep in mind where we come from. The car is a completely new development. Unlike the other teams we had no database, but started from scratch. '

Practical test must confirm simulation

Virgin went completely new ways with the development. Instead of developing the aerodynamics in the wind tunnel, the team relied on the power of the computers. Now Glock is hoping that the first practical test in Jerez will confirm the simulations on the computer. Visually, the German likes his new company car very much: 'The combination of red and blackon the VR01 is just awesome. That will definitely be noticed on the racetrack. '

You will see in the first races whether the performance can keep up with the optics:' We will certainly have to take a few blows in the neck during the season, which we are currently still having do not count. But it is important that we continue to develop. Otherwise, in our first season, we want to use all the opportunities we have to scratch the points. I'm already hot. '


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