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Formula 1: Glock doesn't believe in reaching the finish line

Formula 1: Vettel, Rosberg and Co .: The Germans in Bahrain
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Timo Glock:

Timo Glock was frustrated after the first day of training. 'That wasn't the start we were hoping for,' groaned the Virgin pilot. In the morning, the German only managed eight laps due to problems with the clutch. In the afternoon the odometer stopped after three laps. 'We had an oil leak in the gearbox', the German explained the reason for the renewed break in repairs. Even during testing, the Virgin's reliability left a lot to be desired.

F or so Glock has few hopes for Sunday: 'If I'm honest, I have At the moment we don't have the feeling that we can make it through the race. We'll have to wait and see how things go on Saturday, but things aren't looking so good at the moment. We just have to collect kilometers. '

The Odenwälder doesn't think much about the tires or the setup. 'If you are six seconds behind it doesn't matter. I see the whole weekend as a test.' The race isn't going to be fun for Glock. 'I guess I have to look in the rear-view mirror the whole time.'

Nico Rosberg:

The start went well for Nico Rosberg much better. The Mercedes newcomer drove the fastest lap of all drivers in the afternoon. 'We improved the car over the course of the day, but at the beginning it didn't start well on the new track, with little downforce and very sandy conditions. We also had a few problems with the balance that we had to work on. but in the afternoon it worked out quite well. '

The competition speculated that the Silver Arrows were probably traveling with a light car. It was also fitting that Rosberg was not entirely satisfied despite the fastest time. 'There are still areas in which we can improve. But we got a good comparison of the tires and good long runs. Overall, we learned a lot, so it was a positive start to the weekend.'

Sebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel's first day of training didn't go as planned. A problem with the front left brake cost the Red Bull driver half an hour in the afternoon. Despite a slip in the target curve, Vettel came in fifth. 'It cost me half a second.' That would still have been half a second behind Nico Rosberg, who was fastest in training.

The vice-world champion of theLast year, the first day of training still doesn't make sense: 'Mercedes seems to have driven with less fuel, Ferrari with more. The Mercedes mainly make their time in the slow corners, but have a problem in the middle-fast corners. I think that from In the top 4 teams, everyone is able to take pole position tomorrow. We are also up front. '

Vettel is at a loss as to which tires he should use in qualifying. The top ten have to start on the tires on which they can cover the fastest lap. 'Everything depends on how the soft tire will behave in the race.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

For Nico Hülkenberg, the first day of training of the season was one day of getting to know each other. 'I first had to get used to the tires, the car and the track. So far everything has gone according to plan.' He does not attach great importance to sixth place. 'Not everyone did the same program.' Nevertheless, the 22-year-old Williams driver remains brisk in his claims: 'I want to score a few points here.'

Just as team-mate Rubens Barrichello doesn't want to play the teacher for the debutant Hülkenberg, the newcomer doesn't see himself as a student either. 'I learn from Rubens by watching what he does. That's enough for me.' Barrichello interjects: 'There will be moments when I learn something from Nico. It would be stupid to believe that I can no longer learn anything.'

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil caused the surprise in the morning with the first training fastest time of the season. The German did not want to make a statement about the amount of fuel. His grin, however, indicated that the Force India was relatively light. With that he was almost two tenths ahead of Fernando Alonso. 'I'm really satisfied. It went really well today. There weren't any technical problems either. I see our strengths especially in qualifying, but it doesn't look bad on long runs either.'

In the afternoon, things got into perspective the performance of the morning. Sutil drove almost a second slower and only ended up in twelfth place in the classification. 'We were really difficult, sometimes very difficult,' complained Sutil. The goal of the weekend still remains. 'A place in the third qualifying and points are possible.' The tactic for the weekend is also in place. 'We have to try to get through with a stop. It looks pretty good. The super-soft tire also holds up really well.'

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