Formula 1 Girls Abu Dhabi 2014

Formula 1 Girls Abu Dhabi 2014
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N ormally, things tend to be prudish in Arab countries to. Not so in Abu Dhabi. Alcohol is officially only served in a few large hotels, but anyone who has traveled to the Formula 1 race with their own yacht can stash enough supplies on board. While Lewis Hamilton only got adult bubbly on the podium, bubbly and beer flowed freely on the water. On the Grand Prix weekend, a big party will be celebrated in the harbor for 3 days.

Grid girls in the afternoon sun

In the hot desert sun, girls in bikinis dance to thumping house beats. See and be seen is the motto. Who has the biggest boat? Where are the prettiest girls? You can be distracted from the Formula 1 action on the track.

As usual, the organizer has invited a number of hot grid girls to do the signing at the start in the afternoon sun have to. With their baseball caps and aviator sunglasses, the women dressed in black were a real attraction. In our picture gallery we show you what was on offer at the season finale off the track.


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