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Formula 1: German pilots with a new start in China

Formula 1: Vettel, Rosberg & Co. at the Chinese GP
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Sebastian Vettel:

For Sebastian Vettel starts the world championship in Shanghai again. Despite retiring in Australia, after three races he is only two points behind world championship leader Felipe Massa. 'Actually nothing happened,' laughed Vettel on a bitterly cold Thursday in Shanghai. 'Fernando and I are still full of music despite a zero.' Too often, however, you shouldn't afford such clear rounds, said the winner of the GP Malaysia. 'Those who score regularly are also up front. See Rosberg and Massa.'

Shanghai is actually a good place for Red Bull. The dark blue cars were mostly well positioned on the 5.451 kilometer long test runway. And Vettel won the race last year after taking pole position. He couldn't buy anything for that, said the 22-year-old from Heppenheim, just as little for the success in Sepang a fortnight ago. 'This is where a new game begins. If you win the last race, you automatically go into the weekend as a favorite.'

The main headache for him is the long straight. 'This is where the McLaren will play their top speed advantage. They already showed in Malaysia in dry training that this type of track suits them.' Yes, Red Bull has a technical lead, admits Vettel, but warns: 'The gap to the others is relatively small. We can't use the race in Malaysia as a benchmark. We had the luxury of Ferrari and McLaren qualifying That is not always the case. '

Nico Rosberg:

So far, the points in the internal team duel with Michael Schumacher clearly go to Nico Rosberg's account. In all three races of this season he did better than the seven-time world champion. Nevertheless, Rosberg does not want to write off his teammates in China for a long time. 'The comparison with Michael is still too early,' says the 24-year-old. 'He's still very strong. That's why it will continue to be difficult. But my goal is to stay on a par with him.'

Despite being behind Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, Rosberg is still motivated for the Chinese Grand Prix. 'Nothing has been written off yet,' he says. 'I drove three good consistent races, scored good points and I'm very close to the top of the championship. Our car is not yet where we want it to be. So it's important to get the best out of it at the beginning of the seasonand then attack with updates during the season. 'Mercedes GP already has an innovation in its luggage in Shanghai: the rear wing trick. On Friday the team will test the new system, which is based on the idea of ​​McLaren's F-shaft.

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil presented himself in high spirits in Malaysia - no wonder, as he achieved his best result of the season with fifth place in Malaysia The fight with his buddy Lewis Hamilton was a nice side effect. 'In the last twenty laps Lewis put pressure on,' says Sutil. 'I tried not to make mistakes. But I also had the feeling that his tires had worn off. '

With this positive memory, Sutil is now going to his next Grand Prix in China. Overall, the team seems to have made a big step forward this season 'I'm really happy that we have improved so much over the winter,' says Sutil. 'Not only were the first three races good, we also want to keep getting better.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

The 22-year-old celebrated his first personal triumph in Malaysia and secured the first point of his Formula 1 career in tenth place Giving pleasure, the Williams driver was also a bit frustrated at the same time. 'When you start the race from fifth place, you naturally hope for more than tenth place,' he explains. Meanwhile, the anger has vanished again and Hulkenberg is hungry the Chinese Grand Prix.

A ray of hope for r the traditional English team could be the new rear wing system. During training on Friday, Williams will test a system similar to McLaren's F-slot for the first time. Hülkenberg did not want to reveal details about this technology and whether the innovation will also be used in qualifying and the race. 'The system works a lot like that of McLaren. Tomorrow we'll see what it brings and then we'll see.'

The Emmerich does not have high hopes overall. 'Massive improvements are not to be expected,' he says. 'I think the balance of power will be similar to Malaysia.' Is there any criticism of the team? 'We definitely have to be critical. But I don't blame the team. We have to work on it together.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock is of good cheer. His last race was over after just three laps. And he still hasn't seen a checkered flag in his Virgin racer. But the arrival of his team-mate Lucas di Grassi at the finish gives hope. 'I hope that we are now over the worst. And the fuel was enough, even if Lucas had to save quite a lot. In the end he took off the accelerator on the home straight 200 meters before the braking point.'

Virgin has his car for Shanghaichanged in two respects. You make a new attempt to suck the fuel out of the tank to the last bit without having to drive with a safety reserve of 20 liters. And the front wing gets a second floor. Now everything in the team is waiting for the retreaded vehicle that is supposed to solve all the problems in Barcelona. The chassis gets a larger tank, the aerodynamics a larger diffuser.

The program is so extensive that the mechanics can expect long nights. 'They will probably work through from Thursday to Friday before the race in Barcelona,' announced Glock. Associated with this is the concern as to whether the series of defects will not start again. 'So much happens at once that there is a risk of mistakes. I hope we make a real leap. Generally we have understood our problems and should have them under control.'

Michael Schumacher :

What Michael Schumacher said on Thursday (April 15) in Shanghai, you can read here:

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