Formula 1: German drivers on the podium twice

Formula 1: Vettel, Rosberg & Co. in Malaysia
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N ico Hülkenberg :

Timo Hülkenberg landed in the championship points for the first time, and yet the Williams driver was not happy. 'We were very lucky,' admitted the man from Emmerich. Luck in the form of an engine failure from Fernando Alonso. The fifth of the training session lost three positions at the start, but made up for lost ground in turn 4. 'The start wasn't that good,' admitted Hulkenberg.

The Williams driver soon realized that starting on soft tires was not a good idea. 'The rear tires have worn down tremendously. That's why I was called to the pits early. On the back straight I suddenly get a radio message that the steering wheel also has to be replaced. No idea why, but you don't argue long again asked for certain settings. During the pit stop, first gear didn't go in. That cost me five seconds. '

After the tire change, it went quite passably for a few laps until the rear tires logged off again. 'I had hardly any traction, got out of Turn 2 badly, and so I was easy prey for Alguersuari.' And why are you so disappointed when you've already picked up a championship point for tenth place in your third race? Hülkenberg shrugged his shoulders: 'If you look at where we started and where the Ferrari and the McLaren and then compare that with the finish, then we have to worry about our racing pace.'

Adrian Sutil:

Whenever points are within reach, you have to worry about Adrian Sutil. Usually. But not in Malaysia. Although he couldn't quite hold his fourth starting position, the German was satisfied with fifth and ten points. 'I really needed that. After the first two races with a lot of problems you just have to get a result,' said Sutil with relief. 'I had a very good weekend with qualifying. Everything went smoothly.'

Only one moment will be badly remembered by Sutil - the start. 'Unfortunately, I was on the outside in the first corner. It's usually better inside because you are on the outside in the second corner and you can accelerate better. That worked well with Robert Kubica. I couldn't do anything about that. He came again very well off the line. The Renault are really very strong there. But I'm happyI still think that I was able to keep fourth place. '

To secure the place, the Force India driver had to defend himself against Lewis Hamilton in the final laps. With success. Sutil's old friend from Formula 3 -Zeiten had to be content with sixth place. 'It's always nice when we meet on the racetrack. We both always give everything. There is no friendship on the route. I just didn't give him a chance to get close to me. In the end he probably got problems with his tires too. '

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg drove to Melbourne and Singapore for the third time in his career On the podium in 2008, for the first time for his new Mercedes GP team. At the finish, Rosberg was 13.5 seconds short of the winner. The Red Bulls were out of reach, but he had Robert Kubica under control. 'He was only pretty on the first turn annoying. I had problems at the back with the soft tires. It was much better on the hard ones. Robert only managed to catch up once when I got stuck with Chandhok. '

The joy of third place outweighed the frustration that the Red Bull were playing with the competition.' I'm not frustrated about it . We're a few tenths short, but it's still early in the season. With two fifths and one third place I've laid a good foundation. Now we just have to develop faster than the teams before us. In order to beat Red Bull, we need a few good ideas. '

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock had big plans for the GP Malaysia. 'I make myself as wide as an Airbus A380,' announced the Virgin pilot, alluding to his employer Richard Branson, the airline boss. When the race began, there was not much left to do. The third lap was stuck Glock in the gravel trap.

'The start was good, the first lap was haywire. Somehow I fell behind Trulli, who is usually much slower than me. When I tried to slow him down, the rear brakes locked up and I spun off the track. Unfortunately, the anti-stall system that keeps the engine running after a spin didn't work. I'm sorry that I met Jarno there. It was my mistake. '

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