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Formula 1: Gerhard Berger on Schumacher's comeback: & # 34; Rosberg has to take care of Schumacher & # 34;

Daniel Reinhard
Gerhard Berger on the Schumacher comeback
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F he Michael Schumacher is never really gone for Gerhard Berger Been: 'He always stayed on the ball, did fitness as if he were still active, and now the batteries are also mentally charged. He is a racer and he lives racing 100 percent. Why should he be worse than before ? '

Berger resigned at the end of 1997 at the age of 38. He came to terms with his new life. Also because the Austrian's horizon went beyond the job behind the wheel. Berger started a second career behind the pit wall as a BMW race director. And can still understand why Schumacher is pushing back into the cockpit.

Schumacher took care of his body

'I would have done it too, if I had had the opportunity. There is nothing better than a Formula 1 Moving the car to the limit. A comeback was out of the question for me because I was physically burned out. In the last few years of my career, I was often ill, so I couldn't fully train and my nerves weren't as tough anymore. Schumacher on the other hand has always cared for his body with devotion. '

In old age, Berger admits, one becomes more prone to ailments of all kinds, the eyes and the ability to react may decrease. 'But even if Michael did, he'll make up for it with his experience.' Berger is convinced that the record winner will compete for the title if the material is right. 'Maybe he makes a few mistakes at the beginning, but that will work out.'

No risk for Schumacher

His new opponents, who are between 13 and According to Berger, who are 18 years younger play only a subordinate role in Schumacher's considerations. 'Michael doesn't think about who could be dangerous to him. He wants to make it as perfect as possible for himself again.' There is no risk of embarrassing yourself: 'Michael is a seven-time world champion. You can't argue with him. Even if he loses, you will forgive him. I don't think anyone's going to give him a headache. I think so much more likely that the others have to be careful. '

Especially teammate Nico Rosberg. 'If Nico can stay in his slipstream, he has already achieved a lot. With the same speed, Michael will beat him with his experience and his political skills. Michael knows howyou align a team to yourself. And he will form an alliance again with his old partner Ross Brawn. '


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