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Formula 1 future: what will happen in Paris on October 23?

Formula 1 future
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E Finally there is a sports law for 2013. It took a long time . The delay came about because it was impossible to agree on two issues. The resource constraint and customer cars. There is nothing to be seen in the regulations as a brake on costs. A first door was opened for customer cars. There is a list of parts that a team has to build itself. There are fewer and fewer.

The publication of the sporting regulations was just the start of a whole series of events that will determine the future of Formula 1 in October. From October 15th, the teams can register for next year's World Cup. Registration closes on October 31st.

FIA and Ecclestone present new Concorde agreement

The teams will take their time with their signature. At least until October 23rd. On that day, FIA President Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone want to present the team bosses with the new Concorde agreement with the future decision-making process on regulatory issues. And also the truth about the resource limitation and the enrollment fees, which are supposed to be increased drastically.

The schedule worries the racing team bosses. They fear that things will be presented to them on October 23 in Paris that they cannot accept. But what do you do? 'There is only one chance to defend yourself,' says one team boss. 'You don't register for the 2013 World Cup. But who takes this risk? Even if ten of the twelve teams agree that we cannot accept certain things, this harmony will crumble with a gun in front of your chest.' /p>

One of the main questions is how the regulations will be changed in the future. Bernie Ecclestone has had to modify his original plan several times because there were doubts about its legality. In the final version, a working group will submit the rule changes to an 18-person Formula 1 commission for voting. In the end, the World Council approves everything.

Formula 1 Commission with Ecclestone majority?

At first glance, little seems to have changed compared to the current situation. But the crucial point lies in the composition of the two bodies. The commission includes representatives from Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and two teams not named. It is believed to be Williams and Lotus. There are also six FIA representatives and six organizers.

The original plan of a scaled-down Formula 1 commission with the same six teams, three organizers, Todt, Ecclestone and a representative from the engine manufacturers, has apparently been abandoned. But you can't be absolutely sure. 'We don't know what will be presented to us on October 23,' said Sauber team boss Monisha Kaltenborn. It is also still unclear what will happen to Ferrari's right of veto. It can hardly be assumed that Ferrari will let this privilege be taken out of their hands.

Todt emphasizes that the teams have always made the rules in Formula 1. And he believes that the FIA ​​has a preponderance in the decisive plenary. That is doubted in the scene. Red Bull, Williams, Lotus and McLaren are considered Ecclestone teams because Bernie Ecclestone pampers them with special payments at the next Concorde deal. The organizers are generally on Ecclestone's side, even if Todt insisted that the original promoters be exchanged for new ones.

FIA is losing power

A voice from the paddock: 'Bernie can do what he wants in the future. Todt will let it happen to him when he is higher Can push through registration fees. ' This is why some teams are longing to return to the old composition of the working groups and the Formula 1 commission. That would give the FIA ​​more power.

The fatality is that the resource restriction is apparently under the table. In the end, will Red Bull prevail against ten teams, all of whom are in favor of restrictions in the cost sector? 'Restricting resources will only make sense from 2014, when the new engines are available,' said Todt. But can he be sure that he will include them in the regulations?

Victory of the opponents of the budget cap?

If there really are more Ecclestone votes, can he block everything. Ecclestone’s latest proposal to cap the budget is seen by many as a red herring. 'So he wants to reassure us. When everything is over the stage, he will say that his plan is unfortunately not feasible,' says the scene.

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh clings to it the agreement that the teams made among themselves. 'The Singapore Agreement still applies. We adhere to this resource restriction, which will apply until 2017, and as far as I know the other teams do too. Even if someone is there who is particularly generous in interpreting the rules, that's not him World Cup decisive factor. '


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