Formula 1 finals: what can happen in Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 finale curious
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D he question in Abu Dhabi is simple: Who will be world champion ? The gamblers can bet on four names. Most of the money would go to outsider tip Lewis Hamilton, who is 24 points behind Fernando Alonso. Playing through all the possibilities that can arise on Sunday (November 14th) would be endless. It's not fun either. We have selected the craziest scenarios for you, which could cause heated discussions on the Monday after.

Three drivers tied on points, version 1

Sebastian Vettel wins, Mark Webber comes second, Fernando Alonso Fifth. And all three drivers already have 256 championship points. Who will be champion? Vettel, because he would then have one more win over Webber and fourth place compared to Alonso. No joke! In this constellation, Vettel and Alonso would have the same number of wins, second and third places. Vettel wins the comparison in fourth place with 3: 2. He can thank Monza’s great strategy, which brought him up to fourth place with a tire change before the last lap. Or with Nico Rosberg, who lost the decisive seconds due to a brake in the chicane.

Three drivers tied on points, version 2

Sebastian Vettel finished third, Mark Webber sixth and Fernando Alonso went blank. Then the three candidates stand at 246 points. But this time Alonso and not Vettel is world champion. Because of the higher number of wins compared to Vettel and Webber.

The top 3 crash

For Lewis Hamilton there is actually only one chance. The three in front of him get into their hair and drive into the boxes in the cockpit for all the calculations. Then Hamilton still has to win to make up the necessary 25 points on Alonso. Only one point would be enough for Alonso compared to the McLaren driver. Because then he would have more wins (5: 4).

Vettel's nightmare

Sebastian Vettel leads Mark Webber. Fernando Alonso is third by a respectful margin. Vettel lets Webber pass in the last corner of the last lap. Then Alonso runs out of fuel or his engine bursts. Or he is fourth at the time and is still being overtaken by Lewis Hamilton. Then Webber would be world champion and Vettel would have forfeited his own title with the good deed.

Help for the wrong person

Let's say Vettel, Webber and Alonso are in a bunch. Vettel lets Webber pass in the last corner of the last lap, butAlonso stuck behind it with his famous killer instinct and seized the opportunity. Then Webber wins, but Alonso has his second place, which is enough for him to win the title.

Webber helps Vettel

There is also a variant. Even if involuntarily. Vettel leads, behind Alonso and Webber hang in the crowd. Webber knows that he definitely has to get there before Alonso to even dream of the title. In a desperate attack on the Ferrari, he clears the world championship leader from the track and from second place, which would automatically make Alonso world champion. Vettel grins from under the helmet. Even if Webber could continue and cross the finish line in second place, the German would be champion. Because of the higher number of wins (5: 4).

A zero round for Alonso

All four World Cup candidates drop out and watch another win. Fernando Alonso could sit calmly in front of the television. The Spaniard would then be world champion for the third time with eight points ahead of Webber.

Felipe Massa's horror vision

The following thinking model: Alonso falls far back into the field due to a bad pit stop, but fights his way again close to the top ten. Due to their placement in the race, the Red Bulls have just enough lead over Alonso that he is still missing a crucial point. Team mate Felipe Massa is on a points place, far ahead of his team mate. With lots of cars as a buffer in between. Shortly before the end it looks like Alonso has to move up one place to become world champion. What is Massa doing? Fall back and let yourself be overtaken one after the other or stop right away? We’ll be curious what Ferrari’s talking about on the radio: 'Sorry Felipe, but you’ve just had an engine failure.'


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