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Formula 1: FIA puts Campos and USF1 under pressure

FIA puts USF1 and Campos under pressure
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Bad news for USF1 and C ampos . The FIA ​​has made it clear in a press release that every team that has registered for the Formula 1 World Championship is also obliged to take part in all races of the season.

Missed races violate the regulations

During the week, Jean Todt had been quoted by various media as saying that teams could suspend three races with impunity. The world association contradicted this very clearly: 'Any missed participation, even just one single race, is a violation of both the Concorde Agreement and the FIA ​​regulations.'

This increases the pressure on USF1 and Campos further. Both teams have still not been able to give a date when the new car will be ready. Financial problems are causing delays at Campos. It is currently not clear why USF1 is not making progress. The Americans have not released any information about the status of the Formula 1 plans for weeks.

Stefan GP hopes for a replacement role

Bei Zoran Stefanovich, on the other hand, is likely to have put the FIA ​​in a good mood. The Serbian businessman has secured the legacy of the withdrawn Toyota team and, according to his own statement, could start in Bahrain with his racing team Stefan GP in time.

The FIA ​​has not yet commented on whether Stefan GP as a successor comes into question. Stefanovich had already applied for an F1 starting place in the selection process a year ago, but was not considered. The Serb then tried to take legal action against the FIA's selection process. He later dropped the lawsuit.

Bernie Ecclestone supports Stefan GP

However, Stefan GP also has a prominent advocate. Bernie Ecclestone would like to see the two repainted Toyota racers on the grid in Bahrain. In the past few days, the Formula 1 boss has expressed his doubts that USF1 or Campos will be ready on time.


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