Formula 1: Ferrari wants to grapple with Vettel

Formula 1: Alonso plans quick start in Bahrain
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S chon at the official press conference of the first three Pilots, took the two Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel in the pincers. If Fernando Alonso has his way, it should look similar at the start of the opening race in Bahrain. 'It would be ideal if we both could move forward straight away and comfortably drive home from the front,' the Spaniard's plan.

Alonso wants to decide according to the situation

The two-time world champion doesn't really believe in a duel against team-mate Felipe Massa, who is in second place in front of him. 'It's the first race. We have to be particularly careful. But you never know how things will go at the start. Perhaps one of the competitors will come off a little worse. You have to decide that quickly depending on the situation.'

Fortunately for Vettel, the competitors have to do without the 'magical KERS button' that annoyed him more than once on the way to the first corner last season. There are no differences in terms of tires either. In the top ten, only Adrian Sutil starts the race in tenth on hard rubber.

Alonso wants victory

That the Ferrari is already at the start planning a hara-kiri maneuver is unlikely, however. Alonso's first goal is to achieve the same thing: 'It's very important to score good points in the first race. But of course you always want to win.'

The strategy has not yet been determined. 'We have to be flexible. We have to be able to make a pit stop quickly in any situation,' explained Alonso. Vettel added: 'With the soft tires, the strategy is relatively simple. It's no secret that we have to get in relatively early.'


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