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Formula 1: Ferrari criticizes Mosley's & # 34; holy war & # 34;

Formula 1: Ferrari criticizes holy war for small teams
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People quickly forget. In the jubilation of Michael Schumacher's comeback, the world title for Jenson Button and the first test drives of the year, the fights from the preseason over budget limits and pirate series have already been erased from the memory of many Formula 1 fans. For F errari this is not true.

The Scuderia from Maranello reminds in a column on their official website of the dispute of the previous year, which almost led to the final break between the teams and led the world association. The fact that Max Mosley has since retired from the office of FIA President and has been replaced by Jean Todt does not prevent the Italians from criticizing the British’s strategy again and questioning the success of his measures.

Virgin and Lotus delayed in Formula 1

Ferrari sees the problems of the new Formula 1 teams as proof of the failure of the FIA ​​plans. Without naming names, the Italians first take Lotus and Virgin: 'Of the 13 teams registered for the World Cup, eleven have shown up to date. Some of them earlier than others. And while some have only managed a few hundred kilometers, others have come a little further - but for that not in full pace. '

White knight helps Campos

On the subject Campos Ferrari is already more specific: According to rumors from the paddock, there will be a subsidy from a' generous white knight ' for whom such last-minute rescue deals are nothing new, claims Ferrari. 'It is hard to imagine that the car developed by Dallara would appear on the Catalunya Circuit. Sakhir is a much more likely location for the return of the name Senna.'

USF1 is hiding ...

Even at USF1, the Italians don't let their hair down. 'The 13th team, USF1, seems to be hiding somewhere in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amazingly, they still have the nerve to claim that everything is fine under a sky of stars and stripes.'

...Stefan GP as a vulture

The fourth team that Ferrari takes on is Formula 1 contender Stefan GP. 'Next we have the Serbian vultures. First they fought an idealistic legal battle against the FIA, then they picked up the bones from Toyota's deathbed. With some people on board who have been involved in past scandals, they are now hanging around waiting to replace whoever is eliminated first. You may be assisted by the same knight in shining armor who was mentioned earlier. '

If you haven't recognized it yet: The knight, whose name Ferrari deliberately leaves out is Bernie Ecclestone. The Formula 1 boss was involved in the Campos rescue by the Spanish entrepreneur José Ramon Carabante. At the same time, Ecclestone tries to enable Stefan GP to enter Formula 1. Incidentally, the person who was previously involved in scandals is Mike Coughlan, who is said to have accepted classified material from Ferrari for his employer McLaren in the 2008 espionage affair. Coughlan has now been hired by Zoran Stefanovich.

Holy war to no avail

'This is the legacy of the holy war waged by the former FIA president 'explains Ferrari angrily. 'The point of contention was to enable smaller teams to enter Formula 1. That is the result: two teams are limping to the start of the championship, a third is being pushed into the ring by an invisible force and the fourth team should be better than report missing to find it. '

On the other hand, as in the past, Ferrari blames the FIA ​​policy for the fact that big names are disappearing from Formula 1. 'In the meantime we have in the form of BMW and Toyota two Manufacturer lost while from Renault except for the Name is not much left. ' Finally, Ferrari asks scornfully: 'Was it all worth it?'

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