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Formula 1: Ferrari and Red Bull doubt McLaren wings

Illegal rear wing at McLaren?
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F errari and Red Bull against McLaren - that's the name of the duel that is said to have just been fought over the FIA becomes. The reason for the dispute is the rear wing on the cars of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, which is suspected to be illegal. The topic had already caused a stir in the paddock during the test drives in the past few weeks.

Stall at top speed

That Big problem with the matter: Nobody really knows what McLaren with its elaborate construction. The competition suspects that air is directed through the airbox and the long fin to the rear wing, which then escapes through slots in the wing. This is intended to deflect the air flow so that the flow stops at high speeds. In theory, this would reduce the air resistance and increase the top speed on long straights.

There is only one catch: How do you prevent the flow from stalling even at lower speeds or in fast corners when downforce? of the wing is urgently needed? The speculations here range from automatic valves and flexible flaps to a system in which the driver in the cockpit can manually control the flow of air through the airbox.

Red Bull and Ferrari ask the FIA ​​

'We have asked the FIA ​​to clarify the situation,' explains Red Bull -Team boss Christian Horner opposite the English 'Telegraph '. 'But to be honest, I think Ferrari is even more interested in it than we are.'

To what extent Ferrari is involved in the matter is still unclear. The English magazine 'Autosport' quoted a McLaren spokesman as saying: 'We have no idea of ​​any protest. We even spoke to Ferrari and they know nothing about it.'

It is unclear also whether the call to the FIA ​​even brings a solution: The problem with such inquiries is that the world federation is not allowed to explain to the teams of its own accord how the McLaren system works. The teams must include a specific item in their applicationrepresent. The technical delegates then only confirm whether the principle presented is permitted or not.

McLaren believes in legal rear wings

Horner: 'Our question is simply whether it is a clever design or whether it violates the regulations. ' The Red Bull man obviously does not have much hope of a ban on the system: 'You have to be very sure that it is legal. That's why I would rather think that it is allowed.' According to Horners, Red Bull is already working on a similar system to react quickly if the FIA ​​gives its blessing.

The whole story is reminiscent of the dispute at the beginning of the season last year. At the time, some teams tried to protest against the double diffuser to be declared illegal. But the FIA ​​finally allowed the double underbody.


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