Formula 1: Engine worries at Red Bull again

Formula 1 Malaysia: First engine failure at Webber
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At R ed Bull you start to calculate again. Each driver has eight engines, but this quota has to cover two more race weekends this year than in 2009. Daas means 200 kilometers more for each engine. Mark Webber has already lost one of the eight Renault eight-cylinders in his pool.

Webber: Hole in the engine block

During the second Friday practice session in Malaysia, the Australian felt that a drama was looming behind him, but when Webber switched off the engine , it had already happened. During the inspection in the pits, the Renault technicians discovered a large hole in the engine block.

The unit had already been on the crankshaft for the two GP weekends in Bahrain and Melbourne. Almost 1,700 kilometers. But this year, every engine with a safety margin is required 2,100 kilometers. Webber is already in the red.

Insufficient oil supply in fast corners?

The damage itself is more worrying. A connecting rod said goodbye. Red Bull had a similar defect during tests in Jerez. Because at that time the high centrifugal forces were suspected of inadequate oil supply, Renault went back to a more conservative type of oil.

Sepang is also a circuit with fast corners where the oil is faced with major challenges. Renault now has to analyze the causes of the damage in detail. If the cause is found, you can repair it with a special permit from the FIA.


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