Formula 1: engine change at Massa and Alonso

Formula 1: Ferrari with new engines
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W hen you have the engines before the first race kilometer has to change, that's not a good sign. This is exactly what happened at Ferrari. Immediately after qualifying, the engineers at Felipe Massa discovered suspicious parameters. When the car came out of Parc Fermé on Sunday, the Italians installed a new unit as a precaution.

When starting the second red car, the same problem arose. The engineers at Fernando Alonso also played it safe and gave the Spaniard a fresh engine for the race. 'It was the same mistake as with the other car,' explained the team.

No penalty for Ferrari

Overall, the teams are allowed in this one Use eight engines per driver every year. However, it is not a problem to reinstall the old V8 units if no fault can be found. Ferrari believes that this will also be the case here.

So the competition shouldn't get excited about the problems too soon. Ferrari itself tried not to make the mistake public: 'Pure precaution' was what the team said.


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