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Formula 1 duel statistics: Vettel has not yet been overtaken

Formula 1 duel statistics
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U To get meaningful data, you have to use the duel statistics in Share overtaking maneuvers at the start and changing places in the rest of the race. The first round knows many kings. Sergio Perez has won the most places in the first ten races of this season, as the Mercedes statisticians have determined: 29 in number. However, the Mexican also lost 22 positions. The bottom line is seven space wins on his side.

Fernando Alonso is the only driver from the top field who has not given up a place on the starting lap of a single Grand Prix. Karthikeyan didn't give anything away either on the starting lap. A feat when you almost always start from behind. Alonso made up 14 positions on balance. Just as many as team mate Felipe Massa or Kimi Räikkönen, who only gave away a position once in the initial phase but overtook it 15 times.

Glock makes up most of the positions

The best Timo Glock can show a balance between won and lost positions. The Marussia driver overtook 23 times and was only overtaken twice. But as far back as Glock is usually placed on the starting grid, this is of course easier than with an Alonso.

Or with Sebastian Vettel, who also has a positive record, although he starts further ahead than on average every other driver in the field. Vettel has won five positions and lost four. Romain Grosjean pulls the absolute worst of the first round. The Frenchman only fought for three places in total, but surrendered 50.

Schumi no longer in the lead

Michael Schumacher was also stronger in the first corner. In 2011 the record winner still achieved top marks in this discipline. This year he made up seven positions and surrendered 15 places.

Toro Rosso shows that it's not just the car. Daniel Ricciardo has already lost 35 positions in the first few kilometers. This is offset by only three places that have been won. Reversed picture for teammate Jean-Eric Vergne. The Frenchman made up 24 positions and gave away six places. This is called aggressiveness.

Kobayashi with most overtaking maneuvers

The best overtaker in the rest of the race is Kamui Kobayashi. The Japanese made up 20 places in the race without the help of DRS. However, it was also overtaken 16 times. The opposite are the Toro Rosso drivers. Ricciardo and Vergne were eachOvertaken 24 times.

With the best record, who is surprised, Lewis Hamilton can come up with the best record. From the second lap to the checkered flag, the McLaren driver overtook 19 times without the help of DRS and was only overtaken twice.

Only two drivers in the field have never been overtaken at all. Sebastian Vettel and Vitaly Petrov have a clean slate. With Vettel, Webber, Button, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Räikkönen, Grosjean, di Resta, Kobayashi Kovalainen and Petrov, the overtaking statistics are positive, the other twelve drivers are in the red.


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