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Formula 1: drivers' opinions on Michael Schumacher

Formula 1: Rubens Barrichello on Michael Schumacher
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N after the season opener in Bahrain the comeback was on by Michael Schumacher at the center of the discussions. Above all the fact that team-mate Nico Rosberg was faster. Schumacher himself says: 'It's not a shame to lose to Nico after a three-year break. We have achieved the maximum that was possible with the car in Bahrain.' Nevertheless, the scene asks: Can the record world champion turn the tables in an internal duel, and if so, how long does it take?

Webber: 'Never underestimate Schumacher'

Schumacher's colleagues warn against jumping to conclusions. 'We're talking about a race,' says Mark Webber. 'Michael has to find his way around in a new racing category, and he only had limited test drives. You should never underestimate him.' The Australian also says: 'Michael is just starting his second career. The first one was exceptional and I take my hat off to the fact that he has the courage to return. His team's goal is to defend the title. A world team must have that goal. They're not in that shape right now, but if there's one rider who has the energy and influence to drive his team forward, it's Michael. '

Senna:' Talent is disappearing not '

Vitaly Petrov breaks a lance for Nico Rosberg:' Nico is not a slow driver. He just hasn't been in the strongest team in recent years to show what he is can. But I'm sure Michael will wake up soon. ' Jarno Trulli can only subscribe to Petrov's opinion: 'Michael still needs time to find his rhythm. But for me Nico is not one bit slower. It will be hard work for Michael to find his way into his new career and to beat his team-mate . '

Bruno Senna adds:' Talent doesn't just disappear. There is no reason to doubt Schumacher. ' For Fernando Alonso, everything is just a matter of time before his 2006 World Cup opponent is in full swing. 'I expect a strong Michael Schumacher. He hasn't forgotten anything. It's good for all of us that he's back. He's upgrading Formula 1.'

Barrichello: 'It's just a question of time '

Ex-teammate Rubens Barrichello sees the Schumacher case as differentiated. He also warns to write off the seven-time world champion too quickly: 'We allknow what an exceptional driver Michael is. I'm not going to accept that the current generation of tires is bad for Michael. He's such a good driver that he can adapt his driving style to any type of tire. It's only a matter of time before it happens. '

However, Barrichello points out that the German superstar is playing with fire in terms of his image:' One thing is clear. When such a successful driver returns, he has more to lose than to gain. 'In the event that it takes some time to win, Barrichello sees only one way to deal with it:' When Michael comes back because he's having fun again then he has no problem with it. The fun factor also saved me over the two Honda years of 2007 and 2008. You have to set yourself new goals if your car doesn't allow you to be up front. '


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