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Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica in conversation above the clouds

Formula 1: Robert Kubica on the way to Bahrain
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P suddenly he was standing next to me. Robert Kubica landed on the Lufthansa Frankfurt-Dubai plane. Without luggage. He actually wanted to go straight to Bahrain, but his connection from Florence was delayed.

Kubica made a detour via Dubai to Bahrain

'The machine came to Florence late and left there later because it started to snowing. I could forget the connection in Frankfurt to Bahrain. The luggage too. I got on the plane to Dubai at the last minute. “I have no idea, the Pole grins.“ I still have to organize the flight to Dubai. '

Kubica is relaxed. The winner of the Canadian GP 2008 has learned to come to terms with things as they are . In the past he would have freaked out if things didn't go as desired during the test phase. Now the new Renault -Pilot calmly approaching the start of the season.' With full tanks, the car works great. We're at the forefront, 'says the former BMW driver.' With little gasoline on board, things could be a little better. We lack grip. The thing is understeer, especially in fast corners. '

Who has the fastest car?

Even those involved do not yet have a clear picture of how it is in this season will run. 'One thing is weird. In Jerez we were full of music. We had problems in Barcelona. 'Kubica was only reasonably satisfied with the last day of testing.' I drove a good long run. The front wing was broken in the second half. We only noticed that afterwards. '

Then the question that concerns everyone in the circus:' Do you know who has the best car? 'I can only repeat what others say.' Nick Heidfeld said that the Red Bull looks best on the track. 'Kubica scratches his head:' They have an incredible amount of downforce, that's for sure. But my personal favorite is Ferrari . ' And Mercedes? Another shrug of the shoulders. 'They're still bringing a big aero package in Bahrain,' Kubica answered his question himself. 'I'll bet you that they haven't shown everything yet.' Let's see if he's right.

We'll meet again at the airport in Dubaiyou got a ticket for the onward flight, I want to know. 'All right,' says Kubica, thumbing up. 'My boys organized from Italy.' It's good to have a manager.


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