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Formula 1 design 2016
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D he hope that the form of the formula 1 cars will change drastically in the near future, the fans will have to give up. The teams do not come to a common denominator. But then they could at least show something new in terms of paintwork. McLaren showed the way in the 2016 season: after the first 4 races, the old chrome look disappeared. Instead, there was a new design in anthracite.

Formula 1 paintwork clumsy and unimaginative

Some might throw in at this point that the new dark paint is not the last word. But at least the McLaren designers tried something to break the familiar pattern F. In contrast to the competition, the different vintages can be distinguished at first glance.

In addition, the colors and sponsor logos in many cases look like clumsily slapped on the body. Take Sauber, for example: The blue-yellow combination from the main sponsor 'Banco do Brasil' is actually cool and eye-catching. However, a lot more could have been made of it than Sauber showed in 2015. In a friendly way, it seemed a bit boring.

New F1 design for 2016

Just criticizing helps but not further either. Therefore, the graphic designers from the >>' Livery Blog ' done it myself and virtually repainted the cars. In addition to a different look, the racing cars also received the new sponsor logos for the 2016 season. We think the designs are extremely successful and therefore do not want to withhold them from you.

In the gallery you will find the 11 cars, including the new HaasF1 racer and the new Renault works car. What do you think of the designs? Which one looks particularly good? Which less?


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