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Formula 1 criminal record: only Leclerc with a white vest

Formula 1 criminal records
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D hat has never been seen in Formula 1 history. All 20 drivers at the start have scored at least one championship point. But all of them were punished at least once. All but one. Charles Leclerc got through the 21 races without warning and without penalty points. The only offense: the Sauber driver was once asked to pay 700 euros for driving too fast in the pit lane.

The season's winners are Romain Grosjean and Max Verstappen. At Grosjean it was really tight once. It stood at 9 for a while. Three more and the Frenchman would have been banned from one race. As in 2012 when the start collision at Spa triggered. Since Grosjean was only able to cancel penalty points at the GP Mexico, he had to drive carefully for three races. And still crashed into Leclerc's Sauber on the opening lap of the US GP. Grosjean got one penalty point and three starting positions for the next race. The stewards turned a blind eye.

Verstappen and Grosjean with 7 penalty points

Apart from the first six races, Max Verstappen drove more disciplined than ever before. Nevertheless, like Grosjean, the Dutchman currently has 7 penalty points. Verstappen has to survive the first three races of the next season before he can cut points again. The German participants have more air. Sebastian Vettel has 5 penalty points, Nico H├╝lkenberg has 4.

Lewis Hamilton had the most World Cup points on his account, but in the criminal record the world champion like Leclerc with a white vest was at the bottom. But for this Hamilton had to swallow two warnings. Just like Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen. Fernando Alonso, Stoffel Vandoorne, Esteban Ocon, Marcus Ericsson, Brendon Hartley and Sergey Sirotkin can take a relaxed look at their criminal records. By the time they come back, all points are cleared. If they ever come back.


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