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Formula 1 Crash Fest 2010: The most spectacular accidents of the year

Formula 1 Crash Festival 2010
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M otorsport is dangerous. This is what it says on every ticket as a warning for fans. However, it is particularly dangerous for the pilots themselves. Despite massively increased safety precautions on the car and on the track, the risk is always there.

Webber with the most spectacular accident

The statistics show how good the security level has become. Since Ayrton Senna's accident in 1994 there has not been a fatal crash in Formula 1. In 2009, Felipe Massa was close in Hungary. Fortunately, everything turned out well in the 2010 season. The pilots repeatedly acted as living crash test dummies.

Mark Webber took care of the most spectacular take-off this year. The fans caught their breath during his backflip in Valencia. Force India driver Vitantonio Liuzzi had the most crashes in the race. In the last five races of the season alone, the Italian destroyed his car four times - and not too close.

Petrov accident statistics: 3 racing crashes - 5 training crashes

However, the uncrowned crash king was Vitaly Petrov. Although the Russian 'only' retired after an accident three times in the race, he repeatedly hit the gang during training. In Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Barcelona the departures in the free sessions did not have any major consequences. In Belgium (Q1) and Monaco (Q2), however, the man from Vyborg deformed his Renault in qualifying and paid for it with back places on the grid.

But we don't want to bore you with statistics any longer. In our photo show we have once again collected the heartiest departures, the wildest spins and the most spectacular hits of the season.


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