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Formula 1 cost limit: pressure on Red Bull increases

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Formula 1 cost limit
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A n Monday after the Monaco GP, FIA President Jean Todt , Bernie Ecclestone, the team bosses and the technical directors discussed the cost issue again. Ten of the twelve teams had asked the FIA ​​to control the resource restriction, to include it in the sports law and to impose penalties in the event of non-compliance. Red Bull and ToroRosso had resisted.

Singapore compromise without budget cap

The teams and the FIA ​​have remained silent about Details agreed as the subject is sensitive. This is not only about reason, but also about prejudices, personal interests and loss of face. The world association wants to cook the matter on a low flame. And with the teams, the positions in the dispute over cost control are guided by self-interest. Nobody treats the other to anything. Something always seeps through. At the meeting in Monte Carlo it emerged that the FIA ​​is now apparently willing to monitor compliance with the resource restriction. Allegedly on the basis of the so-called Singapore Agreement.

That would be a compromise for Red Bull, because that would put the budget cap off the table. The Singapore proposal is more moderate than the demands of the hardliners. It allows 315 employees and 30 million euros in external services. Both can be offset against each other. The heads of the team are now smoking again. But they are not allowed to smoke for too long, because if nothing happens by June 30th, there will be no rule for 2013. Proponents of cost control can push through the introduction of an FIA-controlled resource restriction with a three-quarters majority.

Force Red Bull into an emergency

Williams co-owner Toto Wolff is one of the representatives of the teams who want efficient cost control. For him, the future of Formula 1 depends on cost control. In a conversation with auto motor und sport on Saturday in Monte Carlo, the Austrian took a clear position: 'We are in favor of a budget ceiling. That would be the easiest to control. You can secure the whole thing through some additional restrictions on wind tunnel time and personnel.' /p>

If Red Bull does not want to participate at all, you have to force the world championship squad to be lucky. 'Red Bull is currently taking part in Formula 1an estimated 250 million euros. That means that a cost cap would earn Mr. Mateschitz 100 million euros. So someone would do him a favor. His model of unlimited spending no longer works today because the current rules practically offset the benefits of a larger budget. The results of the first six races should actually convince him. '

Wolff is an optimist. The Austrian businessman also believes that the FIA ​​and Bernie Ecclestone will come to a common denominator in the Concorde agreement.' Bernie will Do not want to go public without an official World Cup rating. There has to be an independent body that writes and controls the rules. Everyone in Formula 1 should ask themselves whether they want something like the DTM. '


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