Formula 1 construction site in Austin

Circuit of the Americas
Formula 1 construction site in Austin
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D he Formula 1 is coming to Texas. On November 18th, in Austin, the capital of the second largest US state, it will be the first time for world championship points. Three months earlier, construction work on the Circuit of the Americas is in full swing. The countdown is running. Although it doesn't look like Grand Prix glamor anywhere, those responsible are sure that everything will be ready in time.

At the beginning of August, the first major milestone was announced. A first layer of asphalt was laid completely around the 5.516 kilometer long course. On the home stretch, the paved surface was joined together. 'Wedding' is what the designers around the well-known German Formula 1 architect Hermann Tilke, from whose pen the design of the Circuit of the Americas comes.

The shell of the pit building is finished

The current pictures from the construction site clearly show how far the work has progressed. In addition to the first layer of asphalt, the shell buildings with the teams' garages are already finished. Opposite the large grandstand was built, which only needs to be equipped with seat shells.

Even outside on the racetrack you are already on the last legs. At some of the 20 curves, gravel beds have even been piled up and safety fences have been erected. Before Formula 1 cars can drive here for the first time, the asphalt top layers have to be applied, curbs installed and lines drawn.

The buildings look relatively finished from the outside, but they are inside Installation and painting work still necessary before the interior designers can come with the furniture. In comparison to the last major Formula 1 projects in Korea and India, which were only finished at the last minute, Austin is already well advanced. FIA race director Charlie Whiting last took a picture on site in June and left happily.

Texas roller coaster with extreme height differences

The pictures also convey a first Impression of the spectacular layout in Austin. The big differences in height are a special feature. The construction workers have dug up the actually flat Texan soil and heaped it up so that there are height differences of up to 41 meters. The first big climb occurs right after the start. The home straight leads relatively steeply to a hill, on the summit of which the first oneThe curve lies.

From there it goes down again into an ultra-fast winding curve that is reminiscent of the spectacular combinations of Silverstone and Suzuka. The hairpin turn (Turn 11) offers the first good overtaking opportunity. A long straight leads into another sharp corner (Turn 12), before which the drivers can also start attacks.

In the last part of the route, there is a slow section that is reminiscent of the Motodrom in Hockenheim . Then there is a long right-hand bend with three apexes, which was modeled on the famous turn eight in Istanbul. In addition, Austin is one of the few routes on the calendar that is driven counterclockwise. The pilots can expect a very special challenge.

Mario Andretti drives premiere laps in Austin

The first to venture out on the Texas roller coaster in a racing car is none other than Mario Andretti. The 72-year-old ex-Formula 1 world champion is to take the Circuit of the Americas under the wheels in September with an IndyCar two-seater.

Before the premiere, there were some nice words from the Austin ambassador for the latest Grand Prix course in the USA: 'This is the first race track in America that deserves the title Formula 1 standard in all respects. We have a couple of great tracks in our country, but unfortunately time has stood still on those', so Andretti.

In our gallery we have the current pictures of the construction site in Austin.


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