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Formula 1 changes for 2015: What's new in the premier class

Formula 1 changes for 2015
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D he Formula 1 reinvents itself regularly. However, the adjustments this year are not as extensive as they were before last season. The controversial engine regulations remain unchanged for one year. So the fans have to wait a little longer for improvements in terms of sound. Major changes to the drive formula are not planned until 2016.

New Formula 1 penalty catalog for 2015

The engine engineers still had a lot of work in the past few months. After the last compromise between the teams, the V6 turbos can now be further developed over the entire year. However, this year it's even riskier to squeeze out the last of your horsepower. Instead of 5 power units, only 4 units may be used for the 20 races in 2015.

Many pilots had already exceeded the limit in 2014 and were punished with relocations on the starting grid or even in the pit lane. An innovation in the sporting regulations for 2015 states that these so-called grid penalties are no longer inherited over several races. Excessive penalties must then be served as a stop - & - go penalty at pit stops.

Changes to the F1 balance of power?

More important than any rule changes, however, is the question of how the winter break will affect the balance of power. However, the Mercedes opponents should not have high hopes. According to information from auto motor und sport , the engine engineers from Brixworth have again found around 50 hp.

After the first year of testing with the V6 Turbo regulations, however, are in the whole field expect noticeable improvements. According to initial calculations by the teams, the cars should be about 1 to 2 seconds faster per lap.

In our picture gallery, we show which innovations the fans have to prepare for.


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