Formula 1 champions in Bahrain

Parade of Formula 1 legends
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B in the walk through the paddock in Bahrain Formula 1- History tangible. While the current stars of the scene hide in their pavilions, the former world champions proudly stroll back and forth between the palm trees. Wherever you look: One racing legend follows the next.

Räikkönen and Piquet are missing

For its 60th birthday, Formula 1 is celebrating itself and invited the world champions from the old days. And everyone followed the call - almost everyone: Kimi Raikkonen and Nelson Piquet were excused. Raikkonen complains of back problems after his multiple roles in the rally, Piquet allegedly did not receive a plane ticket and therefore preferred to stay in Brazil.

The fans in the stands were given a good show anyway. On Saturday and Sunday, former and current pilots will race down the 6.299 kilometer long desert runway. The 1996 Williams FW18 fought an exciting duel with the 18-year-old Lotus 79.Nigel Mansell took it easy and didn't risk scratching his world champion vehicle in a duel with Mario Andretti.

Surtees only gets going on Sunday

Only John Surtees couldn't let it rip as desired. The 76-year-old champion from 1964 complained about his car in the first test on Saturday. 'The 12-cylinder in the Ferrari 1512 just wouldn't start.' On Sunday it finally worked on the second attempt. 'I only drove the car once in the race. It was the best car of the 1.5-liter era back then.'

Jackie Stewart was also completely thrilled after his appearance on Sunday. 'At the end of the home straight, I turned the engine up to 10,000 revs,' the Englishman said on Sunday. He was not afraid that the engine of his Matra MS80 would not be able to survive the torture at 30 ° C outside temperature. 'It's a Ford. It's bulletproof.'

Häkkinen and Rosberg rave about old cars

Mika Häkkinen also raved about the drive in the Mercedes W196: 'The traction was incredible. It's just a shame that not all of the cars started. But that is probably too dangerous.' Keke Rosberg was also on duty in Bahrain. The world champion drove the Williams FW08: 'The last time I drove the car was in Las Vegas in 1982. Unfortunately, I always shifted my gear. From first to second I ended up in fourth again and again. I'm probably a little bit thereout of practice. I also didn't know the route and with the many blind corners I didn't even know where to go. '

When looking at the other cars, Rosberg was blown away:' When I was behind the Lotus and the Ferrari drove here by Jody (Scheckter) and Mario (Andretti), I thought: this is what a Formula 1 car should look like. Those are exactly the right proportions. 'And Andretti wasn't driving his favorite car at all:' I would prefer the Turbo Ferrari from 1982 to the Lotus. He had a lot of power, 'explained the 1978 world champion.

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