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Formula 1 cars to dream of from BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW

Sean Bull
Formula 1 cars to dream about
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A four classic automobile manufacturers are currently investing their money in the Formula 1. Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault build their own cars and employ works teams. Honda designs engines and supplies them to McLaren, whose street sports car branch only grew many years after the racing team was founded. Surely some fans dream of even more players from the automotive industry participating in the premier classes. But the cost is high. The top racing teams run teams of over 1,000 men and burn more than 250 million euros a year.

Fantasy racing cars in our photo show

The high sums are a deterrent. Also because only one person can win at a time and the rest look down the drain. The question of return on investment quickly arises. The British graphic artist Sean Bull ( link to his homepage ) can be from Numbers do not limit his creativity. He gave free rein to his thoughts. The result: In his head, numerous Formula 1 cars were created in the design of major manufacturers that are currently not active in Formula 1. As usual, the artist visualized his fantasy products on the computer.

How about a comeback for BMW? With his concept, Sean Bull submits the appropriate color proposal by throwing the Formula 1 car in the typical BMW M colors. Porsche and Toyota scramble for victory in the Le Mans 24h race in 2017. Bull takes up the paintwork of the 919 Hybrid and projects it onto an F1 racing car. He's playing the same game with the Toyota TS050 Hybrid. And also with the Audi R18.

Sean Bull
A Formula 1 car from Subaru? Anyway, the design would be cool.

With his GT, Ford immediately won the LM GTE in Le Mans. Bull has also transferred the well-known blue-white-red color concept to a Formula 1 racer. It suits him well. How about a racing car in VW dress? Or Bugatti, Peugeot, Skoda, DS, Alpine or Alfa Romeo? Just take a look at our photo show.


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