Formula 1 calendar 2019: dates and start times

Formula 1 calendar 2019
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D the Formula 1 calendar 2019 is fixed. As in the previous year, it comprises 21 races. On Tuesday (January 15th, 2019) the F1 officials finally published the exact dates with the start times. There are no major changes compared to the previous season. Because there are no collisions with a football World Cup this year, the French Grand Prix starts on June 23 as normal, like all European races, at 3:10 p.m. (CET).

The GP Germany, which has already been declared dead, is also again included in the calendar. Formula 1 will take place in Hockenheim on July 28, 2019. It will be the eleventh Grand Prix of the year, two weeks after the British GP and a week before the race in Budapest, which as usual closes the first half of the season.

Two things saved the German GP. The good attendance of 71,000 spectators on race Sunday 2018 gave the management of Hockenheim and Liberty the feeling that it is worth building something on this basis. And Liberty was able to accommodate the Hockenheimers somewhat in terms of price, because Mercedes will be the main sponsor of Germany's largest motorsport event. The race will then be officially called the Mercedes Grand Prix of Germany.

No triple in the 2019 F1 calendar

Liberty kept its promise to the teams and the FIA. In contrast to last season, there is no longer a triple in the 2019 F1 calendar. Up to the French GP, all races even take place in a relaxed two-week rhythm. This is possible because the season starts a week earlier on March 17th in Melbourne and ends a week later on December 1st in Abu Dhabi.

This meant that the summer break could also be postponed by a week, to bring the German Grand Prix 2019 into the calendar before that, without having to fall back on a triple. Those responsible could not shorten the length of the summer break. As before, the teams will get 4 weeks vacation. The 1,000 Grand Prix of History will be held in China. Many see this as a wasted opportunity. This anniversary should actually have belonged to one of the four dinosaur routes, i.e. Silverstone, Monte Carlo, Spa or Monza. Liberty makes do with the fact that they will run the entire next season under the banner '1,000 Grand Prix'.

Four races change order

In the second half of the season the order will change to Previous year in two cases: Singaporeand Russia are a package. This means that the teams can stay in the European time zone. You have been setting the internal clock back by six hours in Singapore for years. The Japanese GP on October 13th stands alone. Then comes the North American one-two punch again, but this time with Mexico at the beginning and Austin behind.

Here is the F1 calendar 2019 with all dates and start times at a glance:


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