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Formula 1 calendar 2012: Austin out, Bahrain in, Korea wobbles

Formula 1 calendar 2012
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N The Formula 1 calendar 2012 is always a construction site . The wobbly candidates are Austin, Bahrain and Korea. When the FIA ​​World Council approves the official plan at the beginning of December, only two of the three venues will be on the list. For Austin, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone sees little chance.

The circuit operators of the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) have recently tried again for a last-minute rescue. 'We are ready to transfer the fee to Mr. Ecclestone,' said project co-founder Bobby Epstein. 'However, he has not yet received the money because two weeks ago he presented us with a new contract that contained unrealistic and impossible conditions.'

Instead of negotiating with the F1-Zampano again, they decided the COTA responsible for simply drawing up a new contract. It was signed and sent to Ecclestone. 'If we are to make it to the race date in 2012, then we have to get the signature of the other side in the next few days.'

Ecclestone, who is known not to be a fan of dictating the terms to him gave little hope to these plans. 'It is very unlikely that the race will take place,' he told the BBC in Sao Paulo. 'The biggest problem is that their funding is not good enough.' Should a solution be found for the budget, Ecclestone said he was open to an Austin race in 2013.

Money is also tight in Korea. The track has already been built there, but the organizers would like to renegotiate the Grand Prix fees. The around 38 million euros for each race are apparently a bit too much for the Asians. 'We're looking at the promoter again because it so obviously doesn't work for them. We're trying to find the reason for it and help them,' said Ecclestone.

In Bahrain it is known to have no money worries. Instead, the uncertain political situation is causing problems in the Arab island state. The country has still not come to rest. Although Bahrain has already been canceled this year, Ecclestone insists on adding the date to the 2012 tour schedule. 'It's on the calendar. We'll be there, unless something bad prevents us.'


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