Formula 1: Bridgestone tires get harder

Formula 1: Bridgestone announces tire compounds
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W hen things go according to Bridgestone's plans, 2010 is the last season for the Japanese in Formula 1. When it comes to tire compounds, the F1 supplier prefers to be on the safe side. Nobody should complain that the rubbers cannot withstand the stresses, even though this could provide additional tension.

Already in Australia Bridgestone switched from the soft combination 'super soft & medium' to the hard one 'Soft & hard' variant changed. The same will happen in Shanghai. Both the soft and the hard tire move up one step each. Bridgestone remains true to its old tactic that there is always a step gap between the two types of tire.

Soft combination is rare

To Australia , Malaysia and China are also driven with the hard socks in Barcelona and Istanbul. 'These are all very hard tracks for the tire,' explains Bridgestone sports director Hirohide Hamashima before the race in Melbourne.

Besides Bahrain, Monaco is the only one of the first seven courses on which the Japanese use the soft combination . However, here too something has changed compared to the previous year. In 2009 the pilots still had to use 'super soft' and 'soft'. Now 'soft' has been replaced by the harder version 'medium'. 'We have a harder tire because of the larger amount of fuel and the longer stints,' Hamashima explains the choice.


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